Jan's joined the 21'st Century!


Our friends used to live in California before they moved to Italy. They didn’t have A/C either but used some sort of water/fan cooler that would help cool off the house. I don’t remember what the exact name of them is but it helped them a little bit. Sorry to hear about the extreme heat your having to endure.


Jan, I hope you get some relief SOON! :pray:


It was about 7° cooler yesterday and I had high hopes for today. It’s cloudy out now, but the house is still warm and I can’t get it any cooler. I suspect were getting some of that cloudy stuff from Hurricane Jimena so it’s going to be humid. Lovely. :???:

Oh well, I’ll live. This too shall pass. :wink:


I’ll be glad when it DOES pass!


me too!


Isn’t September the traditional ‘hottest’ month, at least the first part, in So. California? I seem to remember that from my childhood.


Late August and September are usually the hottest and October can be hot with the Santa Ana winds.

I thought we were over this particular heat wave, but no luck. It was 97 yesterday and I couldn’t get the house any cooler than 76 this morning. Ugh. Oh well, it won’t last forever and I’m getting lots of knitting done! :thumbsup:


[color="#330099"]Roasted or Steamed?


In other words is it low humidity or high humidity?

In northwestern Pennsylvania, August was the was the hottest month and February was the coldest.

It is no coincidence that I was born in Feb. You see, rare and exceedingly good natured people are only born when ---- freezes over. :slight_smile:

Crossed Fingers for cooler temps![/color]


You always make me laugh, Jack! :thumbsup:

Roasted for the most part, but I’ve been lightly steamed a few days when a hurricane or TS blew up some tropical moisture. I know it’s worse when it’s humid, but 100+ is no picnic when it’s dry either. It’s just plain hot. It’s 89° now at 11am which means it’s likely to be near 100° again today. Goody. :doh:

At least it’s not too bad when I sit quietly and knit so something good is coming out of it. I’ve nearly got all my Six for Six projects done. :yay:


Is that a drinking game? One project per can in the six pack? :slight_smile:


:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: No. Definitely not. I don’t drink much and that would be a very bad idea.

It’s the Warm Woolies Six for Six Contest. Scroll down past the sheep pictures. I’ve had an issue with size on one of the vests I made though so I don’t know if it’ll be acceptable. I blocked it and it’s close now, but not perfect. Even if it doesn’t work for this contest it’ll make some little kid warm. :thumbsup:


:cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:
Go Jan, GO!!!


I must be very used to the Houston heat by now because when our house gets below 80 degrees I have to go put on some pants. I used to be tough and be able to take the cold of South Dakota but now I’m a big whimp. Hand in there, Jan. It will cool off and you’ll be wishing for the warmth agian :teehee:


Oh I’m with you there, Brenda! When it gets under 70 I’m ready to break out the parka! :teehee: Okay, maybe not quite, but you know what I mean. I get cold easy. I just can’t take the heat anymore though. Fortunately I have good news at least for now! It’s down to reasonable temps! High today was 84 and it’s in the upper 60s at night! Wooooo! :yay: I’m sure the heat will be back soon, but for now I’m enjoying it.




:woohoo: for cool fronts. We too are experiencing a cool front and lots of rain. We need the rain as its been a dry, hot summer. In fact, last night I was able to turn off the bedroom A/C and listen to the rain as I fell asleep cloud9 How peaceful!


Well, we had cool for a week so now the weather gods have decided we need some more heat. :teehee: It’s 95 right now. I’ll survive and hopefully some lovely fall weather will be here in a couple months. :thumbsup:


I miss the pretty fall colors and the crips cool weather we experienced in South Dakota. Houston feels like it only has one season~Summer :teehee:


We’re just starting to get the “fall flavor” in the wind here in North Carolina. I love it when you can smell fall in the air. I wonder if the smell comes from a chemical reaction in the trees, getting ready to drop their leaves? :think:


I didn’t know fall also had a “smell”. Interesting! The season turns, but we don’t really get much autumn here. Our trees don’t drop their leaves completely till Dec. and sometimes they never drop them all and only a few types of trees get any color. It does get cooler of course by November thank goodness.