Jan's joined the 21'st Century!

Thanks NDF! I knew there had to be more of us besides my friends who won’t either. :teehee:

It IS worth it, Sandy! I need to get that DVD before my next sweater that requires buttons!

You won’t find me using a sewing machine on my knitting.

That maybe more to do with me not knowing how to use the durn thing than any philosophy about machine work on hand-made objects. :wink:

:?? Based on your other comments I thought you thought it was okay and I was nuts. :teehee:

Lucy Neatby? sounds like she is well-named… what is this DVD? I wanna see the buttonholes…I have been away too long (again!).:whoosh:

:teehee: Post 2928 in this thread. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the post on the Lucy Neatby DVD Sandy. I just received the DVD & watched the Majic Buttonhole section and it’s awsome…I can’t wait to try it!!!

Doh! I want it!! Fortunately the sweater I’m working on doesn’t require that type of buttonhole so I have time. It’s on my list though! As are a few of her other DVDs! :thumbsup:

Oh. My. God. They cannot be serious about these. They should be alternatively titled “Do these make my but look big?” Not enough yarn on the planet, not in a million years would I ever knit these. :zombie:

LOL Jan :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Those are awful

Those shorts are INSANE! :shock:

Here’s her website: http://www.lucyneatby.com/
The DVD with the magic buttonhole is called “Finesse Your Knitting”.

Isn’t it AMAZING?! I hope I’ll be able to remember all the steps when I try it myself. I’ll probably watch it a thousand times!

My list too, Jan. I hope Santa’s reading this! :pray:

OMG, those shorts are so funny :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: My daughter said it best, “those are GROSS!”

:lol: At least I’m not alone in thinking those are bizarre! :yay:

Perhaps is one was planning on dancing a can-can.


:hot: I know some of you have it hotter, but 103 with no a/c is killer. I could have gone to the library, mall or whatever, but until a little while ago it was bearable. It’s still 95° outside so it’s too hot to open up even though it’s stuffy in here. Thank goodness the sweater I’m working on is a cotton blend! :thumbsup:

Oh Jan, I feel for you. I’ll wish some cooler weather your way :wink:

Poor Jan! :pout:
I’ve been there, my friend. I hope things get better VERY soon!
:heart: :heart: :heart:

Hope it cools off soon! (fall is right around the corner)

Jan I definitely feel your pain!! I can’t wait for cooler weather, but down here that won’t be until November.

You aren’t close to all the fires in CA are you? I sure hope not…stay safe and be careful in the heat. It doesn’t take much to have a heat stroke!!!

It’s been over 100 for the last 4 or 5 days now. What happens when you don’t have a/c is that the house stays a few degrees warmer each day and you can’t cool it down which is what makes it so miserable. It was ‘only’ up to 100 yesterday so I think we are finally cooling down some.

No, I’m not near the fires and we aren’t backed up to a wild area so it shouldn’t ever be a problem unless there is a house fire in the neighborhood during one of the bad Santa Ana Wind conditions. In 1993 when the there was the Laguna Beach fire and others we could stand in our street and see flames both there and in the other direction. It was spooky, but we were safe. I have a picture somewhere and if I ever come across it I’ll scan it and post it.