Jan's joined the 21'st Century!


Thanks, Jack! This is surprisingly easy for as complicated as it looks. :thumbsup:


Gorgeous! :thumbsup:
Aren’t you a proud knitter now? cloud9


Yeah, I’m pretty proud! :yay:


But after all the baby sweaters you’ve done, and all the other super-advanced stuff, it was just an over sight that you hadn’ [I]actually [/I]done a cardigan before! :mrgreen:


Haha! Maybe so, Laura! I’ve actually cast on tried a few, but I got so bored! This one was fun!

Here’s my next cardi!


Pretty pattern, what kind/color yarn?


I’m not sure yet. I was hoping I had some yarn in my stash I could use, but I don’t think I have any DK. :doh: Oh well, have to buy some more! :teehee: And it’ll probably be a cotton blend and maybe a neutral color.


Nice choice for a new cardigan! :slight_smile:

I’m wanting to make a classic cardigan, because I just saw a nice DYD by Lucy Neatby with instructions on making “magic buttonholes”. They are beautiful, and I want to try them out.

The DVD was “Finesse Your Knitting”. Very good. :thumbsup:


Ohhh I’ve been avoiding sweaters with buttonholes because I’m not happy with any I’ve tried other than the i-cord one I just did. They just never look good to me. I’ve added it to my wishlist! Thanks, Sandy!


I’ve attached a photo I found online that shows her magic buttonhole on a project. Just beautiful!


That is just beautiful Jan!!! I love the colors…:yay:


Thanks NDF!

Sandy, those buttonholes look like they were done on a sewing machine! Beautiful!


Now that’s not a bad idea, use the sewing machine to make button holes :stuck_out_tongue: That way they will look really professionaly done.


Maybe, but I would never use a sewing machine on my knitting. It just doesn’t feel right to have a hand knit garment and then violate it. It makes it more like store bought and that’s not why I knit. I’m probably the only one who feels that way though. :wink:


[SIZE=“1”]Or the only one nutty enough to admit to it in a post; bless your heart.[/SIZE]
:slight_smile: Did I type that out loud? :roflhard: [/color]


Yes, yes you did. :teehee: Not wanting to use a machine on my knitting makes me nutty?


Perhaps. Hmm, let me put it this way. :think:

If you found a wonderful Simplicity pattern and the perfect non-knit fabric, would you then hand stitch all the seams? Or might you weave your own fabrics on your own loom?


I use power tools when I work with wood, but the finished project is still hand made.


It is a personal choice and it makes you happy, and for some people :roll: that is a “nutty” reason.

(The :roll: is for those “some people.”)

Or your nutty for admitting that you’re nutty. I mean I’m nutty but I don’t go… oops :oops: :lol:


A sewing machine is fine for non knit fabrics…that’s what it was intended for. I might even use it on a knitted bag, but it bothers me to use it on a knitted garment. If I say it’s hand knit that means the whole thing. But that’s just me obviously in this coversation. I do know others who wouldn’t use a machine on their knitting so I’m not the only one. Somehow it seams like cheating. Nutty or not I’m in good company. :teehee:


I know! But, they are knitted in. It’s a time-consuming process, but the end result is perfect. I’ve noticed that most of Lucy Neatby’s procedures are time-consuming, but they all turn out perfect. So, it’s worth the effort in the end. :wink:


You are not nutty, Jan. I feel the same way. I also quilt and I refuse to use a sewing machine…it does feel like cheating.