Jan's joined the 21'st Century!


Your photo’s are beautiful, Jan. I used to have a home in Laguna, it was so beautiful to go out on the deck, watch the sunset.

The rose is so perfect, I can almost smell it.


Thanks, Deb! Yeah, Laguna is a beautiful place. Where did you live there?

We used to have an apple tree and I loved the flowers!


Those are amazing!! Wow!!! :inlove:


A knitter and a photographer, I’m impressed. BEAUTIFUL pics, share more please.


Oooooohhhh! Gorgeous photos, Jan!


Thanks Brenda, Sue and Rosalie!


US capitol

Japanese Maple


Laguna Beach


OH, my goodness! I’ll be dreaming about Laguna beach tonight :teehee:


My favorite is the Fuchsia. Gorgeous! :inlove:


Thanks Sandy and Brenda!

Sandy the fuchsia is blooming right now and the hummingbirds love it. So cool!

Brenda, Laguna Beach is one of my favorite places to take photos.:thumbsup:


Golly, if I had flowers like that in my yard, I would never go inside! cloud9


:teehee: When it’s nice outside I do like to go sit out on the patio and knit or read.


Sweater 1 - a top down pattern of my own making- I’ve got most of the body done and will soon start the sleeves.

Sweater 2 - Circumnavigated Cardigan - I’ve just just fused the bottom of the pockets and now on to the ribbing on the bottom. I have it almost up to the armpits going the other way so soon I’ll be doing the saddle/raglan bits. Woo! This is the most interesting sweater pattern I’ve ever done/attempted! So cool! Photos soon.

A few photos of random things…

Everyone likes a good sunset… seagulls in Laguna Beach

Flowers my neighbor brought me

Laguna Beach


OMG! Those are gorgeous! I wish I could take pictures like you…:notworthy:


Thanks Rosalie! I didn’t learn to take nicer pictures till several years ago so you still have time. :thumbsup:


Here’s the link for my sweater so far.


mmmm…I can’t just smell the flowers wafting along the beach…mmmm


Who needs Calgon when Jan can post such beautiful pictures! :teehee:


Finished my first cardigan! :cheering: All I need to do is put on a button. When I get that done I’ll take photos with it on. I did an i-cord bind off and put an i-cord button hole. It’s kind of hidden which is cool. It may get stretched a bit after buttoning though.

Circumnavigated Cardigan
James C Brett Marble Chunky - color 05 seashell

It can be made to any size, any gauge pretty much.


Saddles and shawl collar


That looks too good to be a “first.” :yay: