Jan's joined the 21'st Century!


Sure, just scroll down on the main page (first screenshot) and where it says goals click the one that says calories…its the middle one I think. You can change a bunch of stuff there. I tended not to change too much because I just don’t know what I should be getting. My daughter is a runner and works out so she knows more about that and changed hers I think.

Hi, just read your blog title. Which sweater are you stalling on? :teehee:

Oh that would be the February Lady Sweater. :teehee: I need to frog back a bit as the buttonholes look like uh… well less than nice. :lol:

Haha. Well, good luck with that. :teehee: Many people have said that that sweater is very pretty. Is that so? :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, it’s super cute. It’s not a difficult sweater really. I’m just in one of those moods where I can’t settle on something either other than small things. Arrgg.:doh:


That Spark People thing looks cool! :thumbsup:

It is pretty cool, Sandy! It not only helps you eat more balanced it keeps you honest about what you’re eating. I bought a digital scale and even though I don’t track anymore (right now) I still weigh some things to make sure I’m not over or under doing it. :thumbsup:

I check the Ravelry new patterns every day or so to see what’s new. There are some [I]seriously [U]weird[/U][/I] patterns on there. :noway: Some of them are going to end up on a You Knit WHAT? site. Honestly… not enough time in the day, years in my life left to knit some of that stuff. :doh:

I’m working on yet another sweater, but this one is a top down one that I’m kind of winging so we’ll see how it goes. :lol:

I’ve bought two or three patterns there and have been really happy. Brooklyn Tweed has a pattern for an in the round shawl that can be made into a blanket as well. Very pretty and the lace work is not all that hard. I also bought the fiddlehead mittens there. Like that pattern too. What I really like also is the ability to save a pattern once you’ve purchased it, at Ravelry.

Oh I agree, they have some fabulous patterns. It’s my go to place to search for them now! :thumbsup:

What I was referring to was when you click on the pattern tab and then scroll down to see the recently added patterns. Not all of them are weird, but there’s been a fair amount. Or it could just be my taste. :lol:


What’s pretty? The sweater on hold or something else?

I’m just being stupid. The February Lady Sweater is PRETTY.

That you knit what site is funny. :rofl:

:teehee: I’ll maybe get back to the Feb Lady, but I actually have 2 others in progress. I’m going to knit a cardigan if it kills me! Hahah! Okay, here’s what I have -

  1. A top down sweater that I’m kind of making up as I go along. I’m almost done with the bodice. It’s in the now discontinued Bernat Natural Blend Cashmere in charcoal gray.

  2. I have a the swatch done for the Circumnavigated Cardigan and it’s going to be knit in James C. Brett Marble Chunky. Our Knit Night group is doing it together! :yay:
    I should point out that I’m not an “ample knitter”, but since it’s knit to fit anyone can do it. :thumbsup:


I forgot about some of these photos I took a while back. I like them so I’ll share a few.

New Years Day 2004

Laguna Beach


Laguna Beach

Sweet eyed Martini…aka Monster

Wow, Jan!!:inlove: You are good! I can imagine those in a book or calendar without a second thought. Just beautiful!!!

They are all beautiful. New Year’s in CA would be interesting. I’d like to spend a winter somewhere warm, just to see what it’s like!

:inlove: Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! :inlove:

Your photography is always amazing. :notworthy:

:aww: Thank you! I can post more if you like.