Jan's joined the 21'st Century!


I’m using Paton’s Classic Merino in Too Teal (I believe that IS the name, but if you go to my Ravelry project on that you can see for sure). DH got me 7 skeins of it Christmas before last and I have been dying to use it. Finishing up the bottom now and can’t wait to do the sleeves. I’m doing 3/4 sleeves, it’s too hot in S. TX for most sweaters.


Lucky you, Lu that you can wear wool. I’m still trying to find one I can tolerate. I’ve tried many and now have some Malabrigo on the needles for a scarf. I only have one skein though so I need to make it narrower. I’m tired today, but hope to get back to the sweater this week.


Oh, I love that yarn. I used it for the BSJ that I knit for my nephew this past c-mas. It is wonderful yarn for sweaters. The color I used was Military Mix.


My first time using it was the dark greay for my Oblique cardigan which I LOOOOVE (in my Ravelry page), and the leftover yarn I used for Peanut’s Aran cardigan which is adorable, if I do say so myself!
:flirt: (both are on Ravelry)

Christmas before last DH got me 7 skeins each of 3 colors of Paton’s Classic Wool Merino (because I schooled him in how much would take for a sweater :teehee:). So now I’m using color #2 and already thinking about what to do with color #3


Zip it? No, the sweater is what I mean. :roll:

:slight_smile: :waving:

Okay, now edited to include a quote about button holes so it isn’t completely non-sequiter.


Jack! :lol: Actually zipping it wouldn’t work on this sweater… and probably wouldn’t work on me either. :teehee: I’ve set it aside for now so I can make some Easter eggs and chocolate bunny! :thumbsup:

I’m going to do them in the round though.



Oh, can you knit the bunny with black shoe-string licorice?


No, but I bet you can! :teehee:


So, how goes the sweater? :nails:

Wait a minute, just what do you need a sweater for when you’re in CA? :think: :lol:


Um… I’m kind of stuck on Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies right now. :teehee:

I’ll get back to it though. And it does get ‘cold’ in CA! I’m always cold and if it gets below 65 I need a parka! :lol:

What are you working on?


The bunnies were making me angry so I started on my MIL’s shawl. I actually found something more mind numbingly boring than a scarf… a shawl. :zombie: I don’t want to do a complicated pattern as I’m not in the mood, but I need more than straight garter. Feather and Fan maybe or a Clapotis. Ugh… I don’t wanna do it.


Okay, to simplify this and so I’ll actually finish it before she’s 91 next January I am doing it in garter stitch on a slant based on this pattern.

I am only doing one eyelet around the edge and may throw in a few slanted rows of eyelets. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft Shadows in Pearl Frost so the yarn itself is pretty enough that garter will look fine. And to be honest my MIL is not one to appreciate hand knits nor take care of them so why bother with anything fancy.


Well, if I were your MIL I would love that shawl. A lovely gesture at that, and that yarn is pretty. :slight_smile:

So the bunnies were making you angry? :teehee:


Hi Jan,

I’m posting this here since I know you are a weight watcher - just saw this and it made me really think of us knitters. It looks like a knitting pattern! You have to use your brain that way too…


Its called “drawing the line”. See if you agree with me!
I have not tried it but it looks really interesting.


Hi Laura! It looks pretty neat, but a little complicated. This last year I used SparkPeople to track what I ate and journal and the neat thing about it is it does a lot for you so there’s less figuring out. I felt like I was getting a more balanced diet this way than using Weight Watchers. I ended up losing almost 25 lbs last year.

Are you thinking of getting the book? Or is it a program? :think:


Jan it sounds neat I’d like to see it. The link is wrong though it goes to a youtube of a woman singing.

I thought the draw the line thing looked complicated too, but that was why I got the knitting connection :wink:


Good grief. :lol: I fixed that link, but here it is again.


Is SPARK really free? And do they provide menus and grocery lists? Sometimes I just can’t bear to think up what i am going to eat! After talking all day to other people about what they eat, you know?? :teehee:


It’s completely free with no commitment. You have a choice whether you want them to suggest menus based on your preferences or if you want do your own thing. Even if you choose the menu option you can still do your own thing really. I preferred not to do the menus.

Here’s a few screenshots. Click to make each one larger if you want. I haven’t been keeping track so my journal is empty, but you can see how it looks. They include one snack, I added afternoon and evening. You can also see my preferences as far as nutrients, but you can change any of them. Some of them I didn’t do anything with because I just know what I have…calcium for instance. Any questions about these just ask.


How fun! I already got started! Is there a way to change your nutrient goals, like less carb and more protein? Even if not, I can just adapt it myself.