Jan's joined the 21'st Century!

You know, I just might move to the dark side eventually…at least for knitting. I used to crochet and really don’t care to anymore at this point other than borders on knitted projects. Anyway, I find purling pretty easy…my fingers seemed to finally get it. My knits I have to use my right index finger to move it through the stitch (like Amy does on the video), but I’ve seen videos of people who don’t do it. I can’t get the hang of that, but I suppose it’s not important if I get where I want to go anyway. :thumbsup:

I am still working on the sweater and I’m going to continue in english so my gauge won’t change, but we’ll see how it goes after that.

I have been away too long - who is that gorgeous male knitter above? Please tell me he REALLY looks like that!!!

Question: is there any easy way to get a profile pic the right size for here? I tried using my facebook pic which is really small, it wouldn’t take it - then I made it even tinier and it still wouldn’t.

Thanks in advance!

Do you have any software on your computer for photos? What do you use now?

What you need is this -

[B]The maximum size of your custom image is 100 by 100 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller)[/B]

I can resize one for you if you want. Just send me the one you want.

I resized it using http://www.resize2mail.com/
it is 66x83 pixels, 23.4KB
It appears on my edit profile pic, but on the blog itself it still shows the ancient one that I have removed 3 times!

It’s still to many kb. The physical size is fine, a little on the small side. It doesn’t look like you can compress it on there. It should be fine when you resize, but for some reason it’s not. PM me with the big one and I’ll fix it for you. I have have photo software and it’ll only take me a couple minutes.

I take it you mean Sir Ian McKellen in the picture to the left of my posts. He happens to be portraying Gandolf, my favorite character from LOTR.

But if you ask my dear wife, she’d probably say much the same…

and I hope it would be about me. :roll: LOL

Of course, we can all see Jan is still playing in Cats off-off-off Broadway. :roflhard:


That’s my Ragdoll breed cat named Marshmallow. She’ll be 18 in July. :shock:

I’m making the February Lady Sweater too!!!:woot:

Here’s a pic of the start of mine and Ravelry link for more pics, I’ll upload some.

That’s beautiful, Lu! I am just about to start the lace now. I’ve been held up by the scarf. :teehee:

Oh boy… I keep stalling on the sweater… I am about to the lace, but I really don’t like the button holes and if I don’t now is the time to rip and start over. So… in the meantime while I’m wasting time thinking about it I’ve finished the continental practice scarf and a hat also done in continental! :yay: Photos and chatter here-

Pretty scarf! :slight_smile:

Sometimes, I will do a basic embroidery satin stitch at each end of my buttonholes to make them look better. I use the same yarn, so it blends in invisibly. I don’t have one here to take a photo of…but I’ll draw something to help illustrate what I do.

Thanks Sandy, but I don’t think that’ll work. I was dumb and did the YO button holes. It’s just kind of saggy on that side and I know its going to be one of those things that bugs and bugs me. :doh:

What yarn are you using for the sweater, Jan? What color are you making it? I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m sure that the button holes will be fine. I’m my own worst critic and hardest on myself. Don’t be too hard on yourself.:muah:

Love the sweater, Lu. What yarn are you using? It’s beautiful!

Thanks, Brenda! You are right and I know it. I may frog back a bit because there is a mistake I can’t live with though. :teehee: I am using Berroco Comfort in color 9760- Beet Root. It’s really a prettier dark red than the color swatch shows.

That berroco comfort is the yarn I’m using the everlasting baby balnket :teehee:

I think it will be better as a sweater than as a blanket, its a bit “mushy” for a blanket, but very soft!!

OK Jan here goes, this is the pic I’d like to make my profile - thank you for offering to fix it for me!!

I updated your profile pic with the new one. Would you also like to use as your avatar…the one that shows in the forum?

Here’s the resized photo. I didn’t crop it so it’s the correct size up and down, but slightly narrower since it wasn’t a square photo. I can crop more and make it square if you’d rather. If you want me to do the avatar I can.

Thanks Jan, yes please make it my avatar!:notworthy:

There you go, Laura!! Nice picture btw!

So I had some Moda Dea Silk’n Wool yarn to try to see how itchy it was. It felt soft to knit and soft to my cheek and hand… but on my neck…:zombie: Gah! Super itchy. :shrug: It made a great scarf though.