How can decrease one stitch at beginning and end of row moss st please help

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What is the name of your pattern?

Decreasing or increasing is going to disrupt the moss stitch pattern at the edges at least for a row and possibly two depending on how you define moss stitch. You can work the decrease in knit or purl and then adjust the pattern at the beginning and end of row on the following row. The important thing is to keep the main body of the stitch pattern aligned even though there may be 2 knits or 2 purls at the ends.

Thank you my pattern is king cole chunky cardigan English moss st I am a beginner so need all the help I can get

That’s adorable.
It may help to try out the stitches on a small swatch with scrap yarn then try decreasing as k2tog or p2tog to see what they look like and which you prefer where.

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Also, if it is at an edge which is going to be seamed up then you are unlikely to see where you decreased as it will be hidden in the seam.