Jane Ellison's "Erica" in progress

I love working with Cash Iroha.
I have heard other people do not like the little puffs, but I do like them and keep them in for interest.
I think the braid-like pattern would probably show up better in a lighter colored yarn.

Beautiful! That looks like quite an undertaking.

Very pretty pattern! Love that color of blue, too.

Very pretty pattern, and I love the color.

Jane Ellison’s "Erica"
I’m not familiar with this by name. Is it a shawl, or afghan? It looks very nice. The color is beautiful. I know with digital cameras and computers we may not be getting a 100% accurate idea of the color, but it looks light enough the way it shows up on my PC that the patterning should be showing up well.

thanks all for the kind remarks

the photo is taken rather close up, the object is a hooded pullover sweater for a woman

the stitch pattern is actually quite easy

The pattern is in the book “Noro Unlimited”.

Thanks for the answer about the project. :slight_smile:

Looks gorgeous!

Looks wonderful :happydance:

Oh, that’s very pretty! Love that color :inlove: