Jan, was it you?

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]:shrug: During one or another colorwork in the round discussions, someone suggested a technique for doing small motifs and not having to carry yarn around the entire design. Will whoever this was please stand up, identify yourself, and take a bow?

The idea was to add the Contrasting Color (CC) for the first row of the pattern, drop it and continue around with the Main Color. When you got back to the motif, to slip the CC sts till you got to the dropped CC, then turn and purl back across the CC sts. Pick up the MC, create a loose float across the CC motif and continue around.

Well, it works! :happydance::happydance::happydance: I’m making a sock for Youngest Son. The motif closest to the ribbing is regular fair isle in the round using two circs instead of DPNs. The second motif is done in the above method. It’s way cool! :lol:

Pics on my blog and at Ravelry. :star:

:waving: I posted that, but all credit goes to EZ, as usual!

Well how clever is that!? Neato!!

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Ah, didn’t know that EZ started it all…should have cuz she’s started everything else! Do you remember where the info was originally published?

:woot: I’m so tickled you shared the technique. I have three of her books but haven’t read them all the way through. It’s made knitting dull socks out of charcoal yarn so much fun!

I actually read it in one of her Woolgathering patterns. There was a sweater with a star on the front with directions of how to stay in the round. I didn’t end up knitting that sweater (yet) but I used the technique for a Dale sweater which called for duplicate stitch on the front for a centered star. I much prefer the knitted technique. :thumbsup:

It looks like an interesting technique, but somehow I just don’t get how it’s done.

I just got EZ videos “knitting glossary” and “knitting workshop” and I think I saw a subject called “intarsia in the round” or something like that on it. I bet that is it!