Jan in Ca. A solution for 429 pick up sts.?

I’ve had an epiphany. The Christening gown pattern we’ve been discussing calls for picking up 429 stitches across back, sleeves, front plus same on the other side, joining the skirt to the bodice. Rather than have all those squiglly stitches, not even knitted, sliding and trying to squeeze off the needle, could I knit with dpns and slip sts onto a separate piece of yarn 'til all are on the holding yarn? I joked earlier about a clothes line-same idea. Then I could knit with a circular needle and snug up the stitches as I decrease stitches drastically on the next row which would be in a fold of the skirt meeting the bodice.
Personally, I think trying to get that many stitches onto a needle, circular or not, is insane. I’m working with US 3’s and 1’s and the circulars aren’t very long.
There’s gotta be a better less risky way. If anybody has a better idea I’m open to suggestions.

:shock: Wow…that’s a lot of stitches. Guess that little white jacket isn’t looking so bad now, huh? :lol:

I’m not sure exactly what you mean. :?? And OMG I just read a bit of the instructions and you have 3 balls of yarn going?! Really, it sounds terribly confusing. I didn’t see any more of these on Ravelry… maybe this is why?

I wish I could help, really I do! :hug:

Jan, The 3 balls of yarn are just for 2". Then you drop the other two and use the first to join the 3 sections together and knit away in the pattern stitch. No problem. No worse than a ball of yarn on each side of a hoodie sweater. The only biter is all those stitches to pick up. I meant knit a few at a time, slip them onto a piece of yarn instead of a stitch holder-then,next row, knit and decrease from there. The stitch no. drops drastically and can be handled on a circular needle.
The little white jacket would be easier but it’s not what the mama wants. Do you think this pattern was devised by an alien determined to wipe out knitting and knitters as we know them?
I may just do some simplifying, modifying and adapting to save my sanity, such as it is. I’ll figure out something. When I’m finished I’ll probably wish I had just poked a dirty stick in my eye. Much nicer, methinks.

WOW, that is a gorgeous christening gown! I hope this mamma is a good friend of yours! :slight_smile:

I read through the directions, and I think I would get a long circ and pick up all the stitches on the circ. Or maybe a couple of circs, if you have them? Knitting off of yarn seems like it would be really hard, and I’d be afraid of losing stitches that way. Whatever you decide, I would definitely use a lifeline. :slight_smile: Good luck, it’s going to be beautiful!

Thanks Abbily, It certainly is a gorgeous outfit! That’s why I want to do it. Due to time constraints (I just found out about the Christening a few days ago for the 6th)and other glitches I’m going to have to simplify the gown, I think. Can’t get long circs without ordering- there are errors in the pat. directions and after emailing the designer still haven’t heard a word. I’m a loose knitter and have to use smaller needles and they are hard to find in longer than 16". It would be easier to find Osama Bin Laden. Have thought about doing less repeats cause the gown is much fuller than it needs to be, but then can have a can of worms when it’s time to pick up stitches and finish the bodice.
At this point I’m thinking - A mind is a terrible thing to lose!!

I see your dilemma! It doesn’t really matter what size needle you knit off of, so maybe if you put the picked up stitches onto a couple of other circs and then knit off of them with the right size circ? I hope you find a way to work it out. What a wonderful gift!

Abbily, My circs are terrible. Found a place within a half hour that has the needles I need. Things are looking up. Will get them in the A.M. They open at 10. Wish I had those hours. I’m beginning to feel as if I’m living a soap opera.
The baby is my great nephew, 1st son of my god-son, the 1st son of my twin sister.
You have 2 sweet beautiful girls. I had 3. When people said, " Oh, you didn’t have any sons", I said, “Don’t you worry, in a few years I’ll have all the hairy leg-ged boys around that I can stand”! I was absolutely psychic!
Thanks again, Jean

YAY! I’m glad you found the needles you need! Thanks for the compliment on my girls. :slight_smile: Amazingly, I’ve only ever gotten that comment from my grandmother. I don’t mind, though- my girls are fabulous, everything I could ever wish for. :slight_smile:

Forgot to say, congratulations to you, your twin sister and your God-son on the new baby! :slight_smile:

Yep, it’ll be beautiful! D’ya think I should dye it blue and have it ready by the time this little guy graduates from college? Still trying to figure how I can avoid those 429 pick up sts. Got any ideas? I think I’ll post on the how-to, give 'em my idea and see what they say. There’s gotta be a way.

If I understand the pattern right… the 429 stitches are to attach the sleeves and the skirt together and then knit the bodice from there, right? I wonder if you could decrease the skirt separately and knit the bodice, then attach the sleeves with a seam?

You’ve got it with the pattern. How about I just knit a body stocking, no sleeves, and make him a mummy? Sorry, I’m tired and getting punchy. My idea can’t be done. If there were a way I’d begin the skirt with the separations, knit up from there to get the beginning of the bodice, with sleeves, et al, leave that needle, then somehow add a needle knitting from there down thru the skirt. Wouldn’t that be grand?! It ain’t gonna happen in my country. No matter which way I’d end up picking up tons of stitches. Could do those parts separately, but I abhor the sewing together, worse than picking up sts. I think I’ll go into seclusion now and knit for 10 days straight, so you all talk among yourselves, O.K.? Thanks for your input.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help more! Maybe you could find a similar but less insane pattern?

Abbily, You sound so sad. Don’t be. I’ve decided to alter the pattern (what I usually do) and use part of another one that Jan in Ca. sent along with the one I really want to do. I’ll add sts. to the former and take some from the latter and use the st. pattern from the original, but knitting from the hem up and then using the bodice design with sewn in sleeves. I can always go back to the hem and pick up one stitch (better than 429) from there to do the picket edging on the bottom. I think it’ll work. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve doctored a pattern to suit my wants and capabilities. I think I can and everything in this world is based on attitude. So, wish me luck, thanks for your help and to all a Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve never used one of these, and don’t quite picture how, but I’ve heard it recommended to use a "cro-hook"for picking up large numbers of stitches.

If you click on the link, scroll down just a bit, and you’ll see it on the left. It looks like a circular needle with a crochet hook at one end and a knitting needle on the other.

Don’t know if it will help for the timing on this project, but might be helpful in the future.

Good, I’m glad you worked out a solution! :slight_smile: