Jamiaca Mistaka hat is now a FO (pics)

Dd in the old, dh in the new (poor guy, I put it on his head while he was on the phone, I was just so happy to have it done! lol)

Ds2 in the old, dh in the new

So Cute :slight_smile:

I love those bright colors. The hats look great!


Cute hat! And what a beautiful family!

aww your babies are so cute!! The hats look great :thumbsup:

Awww…what darling hats!

I like it. Very colorful.

Great job!:thumbsup:

Thanks! I think it’s gonna keep the name, because there are a ton of knitting mistakes - not surprised, no pattern, just going from a pre-made crochet hat to stranded knitting, plus I’m still a total newbie - have to forgive myself loose stitches and all, In August I didn’t own a single needle and here I am making stuff. Colorful stuff! Never would’ve guessed it.

One day those loose stitches I’m sure will bother me, and I’ll frog stuff to fix 'em, but for now I “just knit it” and smile when someone wears/uses it!

You just started knitting in August and you’re already doing stranded knitting with four colors? Great work! Very impressive. :smiley:

Yep, bought yarn and needles in August, was directed to this site in Sept (asked on a different board I frequent why my stitches were loose) and I’m either nuts or adventurous (or maybe both?) but I I can’t stop trying new knitting stuff.

CUTE pair !

You learned a lot on that project. It turned out cute. Making something without a pattern is a good thing to do, you learn things that way that you would learn much more slowly following patterns all the time. That sounds like the homeschool approach to me. (We were homeschoolers too.)

Your little girls are very cute.

What a pair! :thumbsup: Love the colorful hats, and the models! Priceless photos! Thanks for sharing your knitting and your family with us!

They look great. Very nice work with all the colors! :thumbsup: