Jam recipe's

i have just descovered taht my bread making machiene makes jam (its new) so i’m over the moon.

i’ve done plum jam, am going to makle blackberry (i have a hedge full of them, to the point i have possibly 5/6kg of them in easy reach, then the ladder comes out for another 10kg+.

any ideas what otehr jams i can make, some using the blackberries as i do need to get as many used not frozen as possible. they take up to much space in the freezer.

if anyone has any other ideas on blackberries as well i’d love to know. as this year i have vowed no wastage, usually i just let most rot away, its to much of a waste as the birds dont eat them when theer sso much other fruit available.
my cooking skills are next to nill, so this is the next chalange, to learn to cook (god help my family, food poisening here we come :teehee: )

Check out www.cooks.com, www.recipezaar.com, www.allrecipes.com, type in blackberries in the search area, and have a ball!!!

thank you i will check it out :thumbsup: