Jaeger Knitting Magazine Eight Pattern Problem


I’m having a hard time deciphering the instructions for the Harrow pattern on Page Fifty of this magazine. I’m working on the shaped sweater and I’ve just reached the point on the Front where the instructions say “Work as for Back until eighteen less rows have been worked than on Back to start of shoulder shaping”. Then they proceed to describe a number of rows and decreases for those rows, ending with a straight knit until the armhole reaches 20 centimteres. So do I decrease the straight knitting part by eighteen rows? The wool is very fine and the needles are small so I really don’t want to have to undo the thing. Any advice at this point would be most welcome.


The front of a sweater has a lower neckline than the back, so you have to start the neckline shaping sooner than you did for the back.

You’ll knit until the front is 18 rows shorter than the back, and then begin your front neck shaping.

That makes perfect sense. Thank you!

Hi Im also stuck here, my pattern is 24 rows less than back, so I get the part 24 rows shorter than back, then begin neck shaping, does that include the final little cast off rows until cutting off yarn, and armholes, please dont all laugh but its my first sweater.

Yes, when you’re looking at the back, you would include the total of all rows to the end.

Thanks so much, I wouldn’t have completed the back without your help x