Jade Socks and Fire & Ice Sweater

Here’s my latest unvented sock design: The Carved Jade Socks
They were inspired by the beautiful jade carvings I saw during a trip to China. There’s a bit of the back story in the bottom entry.

Right now, I’m in the home stretch to finish off my summer project :Fire & Ice Sweater.

This is the very first large project I’ve processed, dyed, spun and knitted. It’s also my 100 mile fiber project! :cheering:


Wow, both of those are AMAZING!
You’re an inspiration, truely! Dyeing, spinning, and knitting amazingness all in the same person!!!

I’m enamored with your Fire and Ice two color cables, no idea how you do that, but it looks stunning.

And the socks are wonderful - I love that the pattern continues on the sole of the foot! :inlove:

Congratulations on two [B][I]awesome[/I][/B] designs!

both projects look beautiful- I especially like the socks and the story that goes with them.

Oh my god, I think I’m going to cry. Having just played about a bit with two colour cables, I’m totally in love with them, but that’s just stunning. Can I have your brain when you’re done with it?

Awesome projects

:woot:I love those socks!! :woot:

:passedout: to the sweater…

They are both great!! :blooby:

I think those are the most beautiful socks I’ve ever seen! Unbelievable. And those fire and ice colors! Wow! Just gorgeous.

:heart: Beautiful! :heart:

Beautiful work!!:notworthy:

Those are both amazing!!

Your work is amazing


Your work is absolutely gorgeous!! I’ll never look at my own socks the same way again. The pressure is on!

WOW!!! :yay::yay::yay:

I like the story behind the socks and the sweater. The colorway for the Fire & Ice is awesome!!

And those socks… :chair: Wow. Wow. Wow… Those are amaaaazing.

Way to go!

Not only do you knit beautiful things, you also die and spin the yarn!

Gosh, gee whiz everyone!
Thanks for all your wonderful comments.
I will be posting a pattern of sorts for the socks…eventually.

I’ve been learning so much about spinning and dyeing through this process. It’s be great to have a specific project to work towards.

It’s the first time I’ve done cabling with colourwork. So many lessons awaited me as I embarked on this new knitting experience!

The cabling with 2 colours is actually quite easy because it’s all done in knit stitches, no purls. Since I’m knitting it up in the round, it’s pretty much like regular stranding with a yarn in each hand with the occasional crossover. Since I was using 2 strands, the purl background didn’t recede the way it does with a single yarn cabling pattern.

Still haven’t decided how I’m going to finish off the neckline:eyes:
I well, I get I’ll get knitting fate decide for me:happydance:

holy cow! those are both outrageously awesome!

:inlove: I am deeply in love with your sweater. The cabling looks Celtic. Was that your intent, or is it some other style?

That sweater looks like it’s going to be soooo cool. I can’t wait to see it.

Yowza! Those socks…I hope you’re going to write up that pattern! I would totally buy that…

Now knitting it is a different story.