Jacquard vs fair isle/intarsia knitting?

Is there a significant difference between jacquard and other colourwork techniques? Or is this just an old word for intarsia? I got a book showing pictures of a technique called fishnet jacquard, but can’t find any references to it on google. Everything I can see in the search results is just called jacquard knitting, and looks like either intarsia or fair isle!
The book is an ex university library one, no real patterns, just lots of arty photos and a few charts that illustrate the structures of certain knitted fabrics.

It seems that jacquard is more a machine knitting technique. This article seemed to explain it best.

I’d heard the term before but didn’t know what is was. Sounds like your book is an interesting find.

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Aha! Thanks, salmonmac! The book is called the Art of Knitting, inspirational stitches, textures and surfaces, by Francoise Tellier-Loumagne if you’d like to look out for it.
Looking at it again it does reference machine/industrial techniques a lot throughout the text.

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