Jacquard Acid dye Q

i just got my dye starter kit from knitpicks. :cheering:(Vermillion, Fire Red, Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, Yellow Sun, and Jet Black) This is my first foray into ‘real’ dyeing :wink:
i read the tutorial in KP, as well as the dye info on the Jacquard site. i’m still confused.:?? I have my skein soaking in water with white vinegar. when i am ready to dye, and mix the powder with hot water, do i add vinegar to the dye mix also? or do i just put the skein in the pot of hot water and add the dye solution, sans vinegar? TIA :muah:

I would not think you need to add more vinegar, however I do the cold pour method or paint with the dies. I mix mine in hot water and vinegar. They are really great dyes!

I wasn’t sure either when I started using them… so I add it and then after watching Knitty’s show I thought ohh i don’t need to… but out of habit I still do :teehee:

i added more to the hot water but not the dye mix. i figured it couldn’t hurt :teehee:

i’ll take and post pics later… it’s outside drying :yay:

Hi Jeanius,

Just for future reference, I do add more vinegar to the dye if I am handpainting. The yarn won’t be soaking in the hot water vinegar if it is painted. I typically use this formula for handpainting:

1 cup hot water
1/2-2 tsp dye powder (depending on the color)
2 Tbs vinegar

I usually have plenty for 3-4 colors on a 420 yd skein of sock yarn.

I don’t really think you can hurt the yarn by adding too much vinegar, so I put it in the soaking water and then again in the dye.

Does that make sense?


very helpful orchid! thank you :slight_smile: