Jack's "cruise" socks

Well, I have finished the first pair of his socks. He loves them, which I find hilarious because he can be really picky about clothing especially anything made for him. The patterned yarn is Lorna’s Laces sock yarn in Envy (don’t care for this yarn at all) and the dark green is good ole Knit Picks Comfy fingering in Jalepeno. He is going to have to wait for the other pair now so I can get the sleeves on my lace sweater finished and assemble my sweater for the trip. :wink:

Well those are very tropical looking socks! Nice job!

They look great! And they do look tropical!

I love these bright, cheery socks, and I’m glad to hear your husband likes them, too. Perhaps their appeal is because of the person who made them and the special event they’re for. But then again, does your hubby think that deeply about such things? Maybe not, eh?

Great job on these. Now onward to finishing up your sleeves!

Those will be a hit on the cruise. Wonderful looking socks. But priorities! Those sleves are critical.

They look great!!
But, yes, your clothes should come first. :slight_smile:

Those socks look just perfect for a cruise! I’m glad he likes them!

Very cool socks. :heart: Green is a favorite of mine.

Lorna’s Laces sock yarn in Envy
what was it you didn’t like about this yarn? I’ve never bought any of these high end sock yarns but I always thought I’d like to (don’t think I’ve ever seen it in person).

This was a $25 skein of yarn that splits very easily, snags easily, and frankly was not enough yarn to make a normal (as in these) pair of men’s socks. I had to buy another complimentary skein for toe and heel work and that was after knitting a complete pair three times with three different sized needles to try and get it to stretch. I am using the second skein I bought on his brown socks and I have one more skein I have to get another color for to make another pair of socks for someone. If I am going to make expensive socks and I consider a $25 pair of socks expensive, I want it to be enough yarn and the quality to be top notch. I do love the colorway, but won’t order it again I am afraid.

435 yards is usually more than enough for womens socks, but men’s socks often take more.