Jacket with border

What is the best cast off for Back and Front, Stockinet stitch, that will have a border added requiring picking up stitches along the front side, back and down other front side? I fear the standard cast off will be too tight and a Stretchy cast off will be too bulky interfering with the border pattern.

Is this jacket being knir bottom up, top down or side to side? What is the name of the pattern? Juxt the name and designer or a link, please.

Hi, Thank you for responding. The name is Encore Worsted/Galaway:Jacket from Plymouth Yarn Design Studio #1748.
It knits from the bottom up, Back, Sides, then Sleeves. all seams are sewed before picking up stitches starting at bottom Right Front, across Back and down Left Front edge. The border is about 4" wide.


It seems to me that most of the bind off will be hidden in the shoulder seam. Most of the picked up sts will be at the ends of rows. In that case, a simple stitch over stitch bind off should work well. It’ll be straightforward to pick up sts across the back of the neck at that bind off.

I found a link for Pattern # 1748
but the 1745 looks more like the pattern I have, which I purchased from a local yarn shop.

Sorry it is the 1945. Here is the link,

Can you explain a Stitch over stitch bind off? or send me a link to a tutorial?
Thank you so much for your help.

Yes this link is exactly the pattern I have!!

Sure, it’s probably the bind off you already know.

Thank you for your help!!

place loops on a larger needle then bind off