Jack Skellington anything?

A while ago, I saw in someone’s OTN something about Jack Skellington, the character from “Nightmare before Christmas”. I would love to see any pattern with that character - my daughter loves Jack…she draws him on all her school papers and on her hands during school. She would be thrilled if I knit her something with Jack!

There’s a KAL for the Jack Skellington Doll.

I made mine for a friend. :teehee:

my husband has a JS knit hat–machine knit and bought at a store, I should say. IT would be pretty easy to do a black hat with a white JS in intarsia. Just find a pattern that has a ball or something round on it and adapt.

LOL! How odd…I just posted up a Jack Skellington cell case I knitted for hubby, then, came looking through here and found this thread! I don’t actually have a pattern, and, I had to draw up the chart since I couldn’t find one (at least one I wanted to use…lol) I posted the case in the “What’cha Knittin’” forum, titled, "Jack Cell Case,"if you’re interested!

I just made an a quick image of JS in photoshop. I tried it http://www.microrevolt.org/knitPro/index.php here, and it seemed to work pretty well on the Big setting and the XL setting.

yay! today it’s my brother’s bday… and he loves jack! I’ve got my new project…he’d love it… thanx cawthraven