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:passedout: I passed! And it went pretty well. I had it easy however, because one of my committee member fell very ill suddenly. My supervisor managed to find another professor, but obviously she didn’t read the thesis and is not familiar with my field at all. Her questions were thus very easy to answer. She was very nice do accept it though, without her we would’ve needed to postpone the defense!!!

So now… it’s DONE!!! :cheering: :happydance: :clink: :balloons: :woot:
I did celebrate after, I didn’t have time to post. :oops: And this morning I have a bit of a headache… :passedout:

:teehee: Yeah Dr. ME!

:notworthy: Yay, Dr Iza!

Congratulations! What is your doctorate in?

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
I’m glad all your hard work was worth it!

:balloons: :cheering: :balloons: :cheering: :balloons: :cheering:

Congrats! Welcome to the rank of Doctor!

:woot: Dr. Iza!!! :woot:

I’m back! My boyfriend’s idea to go to Quebec city for the weekend was just so perfect! We had a lot of fun and it was so relaxing. We wanted to come back on saturday after visiting the Botero exhibit, but as usual, we had a little change of plans.

There was a huge snow storm all over the south of Quebec (and other provinces and States as well). In Quebec city, the storm started to hit during the night between friday and saturday. Saturday morning was really bad. We decided to go to the museum anyways, but it was pretty clear we weren’t going to come back to Montreal on that day, it was just too dangerous.

So we got in our little rental car (with very bad tires), and drove (more or less) to the museum, getting stuck in the snow along the way (we even had to be pushed!). We managed to get to it and… yup, it was closed for the day! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: It’s a good thing we were both in good spirits, we just thought we had a good story to tell. So my poor boyfriend, after almost getting stuck in the parking lot at the museum, managed to go back on the road (he’s from New Brunswick, he’s used to this weather :teehee: ), stopped at a grocery store on the way to get all the food we needed for the day (we almost got stuck again), and then went back to the hotel (where we got really stuck in the parking lot). :roflhard: Needless to say, we didn’t use the car again on that day.

So we didn’t do much on saturday. We stayed in the room, watched tv, played scrabble, read, and I knitted a little, of course. It was so relaxing, exactly what I needed. For supper we walked to a nearby restaurant which was really good, it was out of the question to take the car again :teehee:

We finally went to the museum sunday morning. I loved the exhibit a lot, very colourful, naive, and deep at the same time.

So now… back to reality. The appartment is a complete mess, I have to do my taxes, do some corrections to my thesis, laundry, groceries… :pout: I wish I could spend the day in bed and knit! :teehee:

I’m hoping to get my knitpicks order today too! :happydance:

:wall: ARRRGGHHH :grrr: I left the house for less than an hour. 45 minutes. And who visited me in the mean time? The MAILMAN with my knitpicks order. ARRRGH :wall:

I will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to get it. :pout:

Sorry about your mail troubles, iza! :pout:

I saw that you went to Quebec City this weekend–I :heart: Quebec City!!! I spent a summer in a French immersion program at Universite Laval, and we’d go into Vieux-Quebec all the time. It’s beautiful!

We went to a conference in Quebec City a few years ago. We stayed in the extremely out-of-place hotel with the revolving restaurant on top. :teehee: It was great! I would loooooove to go back.

Ah yes, Quebec city is beautiful isn’t it? Vieux Quebec is really great. I lived there for two years when I did my master’s. Irishknitter, I did it at Université Laval, of course! What year did you do the program? The last summer I was there, in 1999, I had a roomate from Arizona who was doing a French immersion program too!

I received my knitpicks order today! :cheering: :teehee: I am so happy! It’s EXACTLY what I wanted. Shimmer’s happydance colorway is just gorgeous, I love it! :happydance: I also got the Knit Fix book, and some classic circulars. I can’t wait to try everything! :cheering:

I can’t post pictures however, because my little boyfriend took the camera at school. I promise I will post pictures today or tomorrow!

:thud: I just tried the KP circulars. These are the best needles I have ever tried. :notworthy: I never tried addis before so I didn’t know what to expect. I am absolutely amazed, and I adore them! I just casted on a few stitches and it was soooo smooth! I can’t believe it.

How much did I pay for them again? Oh yeah, 5 USD :thud:

That’s too funny! I was there during the summer of 2000. It was fun! We took a weekend trip to Montreal and Ottawa. They had all kinds of organized activities for us…like a trip to a cabin a sucre. Mmmmmmmm tire sur la neige…yum!

[size=1]P.S. Sorry, this computer doesn’t have accent marks on it! :pout: [/size]

Mmmmm… cabane à sucre… And we’re out of maple syrup. I think I’m going to go buy some this afternoon! :teehee:

YARN PORN!!! :cheering: Here are pictures of my Knitpicks order.

I am really, really happy with the colorway I chose. It’s exactly what I wanted. I can’t wait to start Clapotis with it! :cheering:

Ohhhhhhhhhh pretty!!! Are you doubling it for Clapotis?

Yes Andrea! I will double it. Many people used Shimmer for Clapotis and had good results with it, so I hope it will go well!

I spent the entire morning winding a center-pull ball from one hank. Half of it went very well but I stopped to get breakfast and when I picked it up again, I guess the yarn devil came and messed it all up. It took me hours to finish the job :!!!: I don’t really feel like doing it with the other 2 hanks I got… :wall: I guess I’m not good at this. :shrug:

I’ll keep that in mind…I have a GC for KP that would help a Shimmer purchase! :cheering:

Just had to speak up here and say hello! Dh and I took a trip to Montreal and Quebec City with my French prof and some other students (years ago) and I loved it! Even though it was March and cold! I’ve always wanted to go back someday. I have a minor in French but it is tres rusty. Anyway, I was so thrilled to go there, someplace people were actually speaking French - I loved it! Everyone was very nice about my stumbling attempts to speak French. Once on the subway all us students were chatting (in English) and a lady came up and told us how nice it was to hear people speaking English for a change. I thought, the joke’s on you lady! I came here to speak French!
We had the best time, and had some great food. I still remember one place we ate, at Delicatessen Hebraique (something like that) it was awesome.
Well, enough of that, just wanted to say bon jour and congratultions on your doctorate!

:waving: Hi rohanknitter!

Ah yes, that would be Schwartz’s, right? The best place in town for smoked meat sandwiches. Maybe even the best place in the world! :teehee:

You were lucky to be able to practise your French in Montreal! My boyfriend has trouble sometimes, especially downtown. He wants to speak french, but people hear his accent and they switch to English. Once, he went into a store downtown and was insisting to speak french to the cashier, but realized later that the poor girl could NOT speak French at all and was a native English speaker, just like him! :rofl:

:heart: your porn!