Iza in knittingland

Oh man… that’s just great. They better go easy on me :teehee: Did Julius Caesar’s death involved some kind of… “grilling”, by any chance? Because I think this is what will happen to me on that day! :rofl:

Hi Sara! :waving: Wow there are a LOT of francophiles around! This is so awesome! I love your suggestion to get some information from my supervisor… A friend of mine suggested to start crying uncontrollably. I thought of threatening to call his wife, I’m 100% that would have worked :rofl:

No, just something along the lines of 42 stab wounds. :teehee:

I think you should start your defense, “Friends, Quebecois, Countrymen, lend me your ears!”

Hi Iza! I love your name.

What ever happened to “mon amour”? Don’t you guys use that up there??? (for boyfriend)

Hoorah, you knit in public! Funny, here in New York people do WHATEVER they want on the subway/metro. Knitting’s pretty tame. When people pull out their dinner it really makes me sick and I have to move. Did you read about the girl who took a picture with her cellphone (getting off topic here) of a guy who exposed ya himself in front of her? She put it on the web the next day and his employers and all these people who knew him saw it. He was arrested and humiliated coz of her cellphone picture.


I just read today they opened the first “Canadian” restaurant here in New York. They will be serving poutine poutrine?
I forgot which but I’m not sure if I’ll hurry down there to eat it.

okey doke, all for now… hang in there with the school stuff, it’ll be just a a memory soon.

Awesome! :thumbsup: I always wondered what was the use of cellphones with cameras, now I know!

Poutine in NY! Wow it’s amazing, I never though it could travel that far :rofl: There are a lot of versions however: the “fast food” version (and most common): fries, gravy and fresh cheese curds. But there is a very fancy restaurant here in Montreal that does it with foie gras instead :teehee: It’s supposed to be pretty good!

I must admit I love poutine :oops: but let’s just say it’s better not to have it too often… :teehee: The secret of poutine is in the cheese. When you eat it, you have to ear “kweesh-kweesh”, the only guarantee of freshness :rofl:

Hmm I practised my defense talk today with my boyfriend and IT WAS TERRIBLE :wall: :wall: :wall: Oh man am I ever going to be grilled :wall: :wall: :wall: I hate presentations. Doing it in a second language is much harder :oops: this defense is going to be a 2 hours of pure hell.

I gave the Jaywalker socks to my mom, she really liked them. But to my surprise my dad seemed completely fascinated with the “zigzags” and the construction of the socks. I think he understands the kind of interest I have in knitting, him being an engineer and me a scientist. My mom said he should start knitting, but I don’t think he’s ready to go that far :teehee: It’s too bad, wouldn’t it be great if my dad started to knit?

Hey again Iza! I don’t know why more men DON’T knit… it’s so calming and creative and everything! My husband is still holding out on me but one day…

Thanks for the info on the poutine! I didn’t know about it being different because of the quality of the cheese. That’s funny, that sound you made. Now you got me real interested in going to this restaurant here and trying it. I only had it once at a roadside stop on a highway somewhere outside of Montreal. I LOVE fattening foods once in a while! ummmmmmmmmm

Surrender Victoise to the power of poutine… Surrender… surrender… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (This is our plan to take over the world)

I’m getting more and more nervous for my defense. I don’t feel ready. It could go very well, but it could also be really really bad. For some reason stress paralyzes me. I think what is difficult is that I know nobody ever fails a PhD defense. So no matter what I do, as long as I don’t curse and make death threats to the committee, they’ll just pass me. In general, I’m pretty good for that. :rofl:

I should probably fear public humiliation, but my PhD had so many problems and it went so bad, that in a sense I don’t care anymore. I just want this to be over with, and move on. Which means getting a puppy, a bigger appartment and a washing machine. It’s all I want from life. :teehee:

I think I won’t have time to finish knitting my dad’s socks for his birthday :pout: I’m at the end of the leg of the second sock, I will try to turn the heel tonight. With everything I have to do, it’s very hard to find time to knit. :verysad:

I made my first KnitPicks order yesterday! WEEE! :cheering: I can’t wait to get it. This is a “reward” to myself for my defense. Now, I probably won’t get it in time, so it will be very hard to resist the temptation to reward myself again :teehee: but we’ll see!

I bought some Shimmer (in Happy Dance) to make the Clapotis from knitty, I’ve been dying to make this for a long time. I also bought classical circulars, in size US1, for socks. The longer cable they have is 32", I don’t know if it’s long enough for magic loop… so I bought a 24" too. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I also bought the book “Knit Fix”, it seems pretty well done and I definitely need tips to repair my numerous mistakes. :doh:

I did a LOT of calculations and I don’t think I could get a better deal, even including shipping, duty, and exchange rate. :cheering: I have to stop buying yarn though, I don’t have a big stash but I have a few WIPS and a few projects in mind, and very little time to knit… :oops: I don’t think I need more right now!

WOO HOO!!! I :heart: KnitPicks.

ps. [size=1]everyone needs more yarn…[/size]

My package was SHIPPED :cheering: :woohoo: I can’t wait to have it!

Well it’s Saturday night, and my boyfriend fell asleep on the couch :shrug: Is it what it means to get older? :teehee:

I’m starting to feel very nervous for my defense. :pout: I haven’t been sleeping much in the past 2-3 days.

Am I ready? I really don’t know. I think I’m not, but on the other hand I don’t know really how to prepare more. I have seen some really nasty defenses in the past 2-3 years and it does not look fun. :wall:

I’m pretty sure I’ll pass, that’s not really the problem. But I don’t want to be humiliated in front of all my friends. I am not extremely proud of my work, and all I hope is that the committee will see that my intentions were good, that I reported the results honestly, and that I did do a lot of work. Considering I did this thesis completely alone (my supervisor is… well he’s a nice guy but really he can’t supervise PhDs), I think I did what I could. :verysad:

oh well, we’ll see… :shrug:


Kick the butt off your defense and the Ides of March.

Thanks so much :hug: seriously I needed that :teehee:

I think I’m starting to feel… resignated, is it the word? I mean, there’s nothing I can do about it, tomorrow is the day, I re-read my (boring) thesis, tried to anticipate the questions/criticisms, I practised my talk, what else can I do? :shrug:

My boyfriend is a sweetheart, he’s organizing a little gathering with friends and colleagues after the defense, including champagne (ok, not real champagne, we’re not that rich). After that we’re having dinner with my parents in a good restaurant. And friday, he brings me to Quebec city, to take my mind off of it and go see a Botero exhibit, which I really wanted to see. :cheering:

I can’t wait to be finally done with school!

:hug: You will be fine, I promise! :hug:

DH has defended a master’s and a PhD. Many of our friends have PhDs. Nobody died. Nobody had to go back and do it over again. Some of our non-friends should have been made to go back and re-do, but they weren’t.

Breathe. :heart: Tomorrow it is done.


Go get 'em, girl!!! :biting: :biting: :biting:

Next time we talk to you, we’ll have to call you Doctor Iza! :woot:

Good luck today!!!

I just gave my defense in November, and while it wasn’t the most fun day of my life, it was far from the worst! Most committees (at least in my program) aren’t too hard nosed at the defense, so hopefully yours won’t be either.

:muah: :hug: :heart:

Good luck today! :cheering:


You better be celebrating a success, because that’s your only excuse for not posting!