Iza in knittingland

You’re right, SandraEllen, I should definitely try the 2 socks on 2 circs method! But I don’t have circulars in the smaller sizes. I don’t want to spend on too much stuff these days because I’m looking for a job and I don’t want to spend all my savings!

But I think the minute I know I have a job, I’ll go shopping… I’ll buy the Denise set, circulars in smaller sizes (addis, maybe?) and sock yarn! :cheering:

I like 2 socks on 2 circs, but some people like to use magic loop because
a)they find it easier
b)you only have to buy one neele instead of 2.

do you have a pic of your finished jaywalker?

Hmmm I was wondering about that. For sure buying one circ is better than two. But looking at Amy’s video, magic loop looks like a lot of “manipulation” to me :shrug: I’m used to dpns where there’s nothing else to do than just knit. I think I should probably try both and see what I like better! I think you need a long cable for magic loop, right? Is it the same requirement for the 2 circs method?

I promise I will post a picture soon of the Jaywalker! I guess I’m not a very good blogger :teehee: If I have time, I’ll do it tonight!

I love the color you chose for your mom’s socks! Where did you get that yarn?

I have never tried DPNs, but I did try 2 socks on 2 circs and 2 socks on Magic Loop, and I definitely prefer ML. With 2 circs, I’m always fiddling to find with which end to knit (I have only Options needles so I can’t tell at a glance), I don’t like the dangling 2nd circ, and I always feel that my work is one tangled mess. I guess it’s all a matter of personal preference.

I’m such a bad blogger that I never created one. :teehee:

I use 24" needles for 2 socks on 2 circs, and i think i would use 40" if i were to do 2 socks ML.

As I promised, here’s a picture of my first completed jaywalker! I also took a picture of the jaywalker with “Thuja”, which will be for my dad. http://www.knitty.com/issuewinter05/PATTthuja.html

Thanks SandraEllen and Ariane for your input about the 2circs/magic loop for socks. I DEFINITELY want to give it a try, I can’t wait to have a little bit of money to buy some circs! :happydance:

Ariane, I got that yarn at the new yarn store, Effiloche on St-Hubert street. http://www.effiloche.com/Bienvenue.html it’s 5 minutes away from my place … by walk! :teehee: they have a good selection of sock yarns: Regia, Lana Grossa, Online, Fleece Artist… They have a Stitch’N Bitch every friday nights but I was never able to go. I’m definitely planning on going soon, though! :cheering:

Welcome to blogland Iza! Glad to have you here. :waving: From what little of Montreal I saw, it is a beautiful city. Traffic sucked pretty bad though.

Knitting In Public (you’ll see it abbreviated KIP here alot) isn’t so bad even for us guy knitters. I’ve had some neat conversations because I was willing to do that.

hello, iza! :waving: just checking in on your blog!

i :heart: your socks, btw.

Bonjour Iza! Now I’ve noticed you have a new blog coz you responded to my Valentines Day video… that song really wakes you up doesn’t it?

Je adore la Francaise et … :teehee: avant? quand i was j’etait?
en France je peux le parlez mais maitenant

c’est horrible. Cetait toujour ma langue favorite oh geez I’m making a fool
imbecile out of myself here but who cares! I have two beautiful French dictionaries right next to me on my bookcase here, one great big one a friend gave me and a little one, old, that I just love. I used to go to Paris a lot.
And I’ve been in Montreal 3 times. 3 years ago my husband and I drove… at Christmas! to Montreal, stayed one night at the Loews Vogue Hotel (parce que ils acceptez ? accept les chats!) and then we went on to Quebec for Christmas. It was the most extraordinaire holiday we had in a long time.
Then we came back on Boxing Day and stayed at the Vogue hotel again and went to all the big sales and got super warm Canadian boots on sale for a great price. I love those boots!

Sorry to hear you were sick too, like me. Codeine huh? I refused to take codeine last weekend for my back pain, then my doctor went and put me on Oxycodone which is much stronger. I hate pain pills.

Knit in Public! Don’t be shy! At least you won’t get beat up like this famous designer guy who used to knit on the Metro in Paris (vraiment)
Just think, you might inspire some other people who have been wanting to you know.

Like your socks. I will never knit socks on circulars. I enjoy dpns too much. And yes, it’s a total drag to knit with inferior yarn esp when it breaks. And socks take some time so it’s best to use some great yarn. I want to try a cashmere blend next. Or all cashmere.

I’m going on tooooooo long. Hope you feel better.
I don’t keep up my blog much coz not too many people visit.
Must be some kind of trick there to make it populaire??? :??

all for now! Victoise/Viki

today my friend was like “Excuse my French.” and i was like “hmm, i wonder what people who speack French say…‘Excuse mon anglais?’”

Hi everybody! :cheering: I LOVE this blog thing :hug: :hug: :hug:

I’m glad you think Montreal, is beautiful Joel! I think there is a lot do be done for our city to look better, but I really like Montreal. And yes traffic is BAD :ick: which is why my boyfriend and I don’t own a car :teehee: We walk, take the bus and the “metro” (subway). It’s environmentally friendly and also good for our health!

You guys are really convincing me to try knitting in public! I think i’ll bring my knitting in the metro next week and see if I survive :teehee:

Joy, you know what? We DO say “Excuse mon anglais”. :rofl: Mais en général, on dit cette expression quand on utilise VRAIMENT des mots d’anglais. Quebec’s french uses a lot of English words and expressions, but it’s often seen as not being “proper” French. But as you can see, it doesn’t exactly have the same meaning as “Excuse my french” as you would use it in English… :teehee:

Tomorrow is my cute little boyfriend’s birthday! :cheering: He’s going to turn 34. I would have liked to knit him something for his bday, but I didn’t have time. :verysad: I hope he’s not too disappointed. It’s hard to secretly knit something for him, since I don’t have much time to knit in the first place…

I did get him gifts, though! He absolutely adores making bread, so I got him the book “Beard on Bread”. I also got him “The bread bible” at christmas he absolutely adored it. I also got him a Leatherman multi-purpose tool. He asked for it a while ago, so I think he’ll be very happy with that. I yet have to wrap both gifts though :teehee: I HATE doing that.

I was planning to have a nice dinner with him tomorrow but he’s got an important meeting at work and he doesn’t know when he will come back. I think I will buy him a dessert though… we should at least do a LITTLE something!

Hmm. I keep calling him “boyfriend”. There doesn’t seem to be a word in English for two people in a couple that aren’t married but who are strongly commited to each other and live together? Would “significant other” work? :shrug:

Boyfriend is the usual for that, but significant other works, too. :thumbsup:

“Partner” can be used, but that usually implies same-sex partner.

Thanks, cawthraven! I guess to me boyfriend sounds very “teenage-ish” (am I inventing a word here?). I’m a 31 year old woman, I am not dating a boy here! But I rarely hear “significant other”, and the only time I hear “partner” is for same-sex partners. :shrug: I guess boyfriend is just simpler, in the end…

I am TRYING to finish my mom’s second sock, but I have so much to do. I have to find a job, prepare for my defence, and I would like to write a journal paper… not to mention I’ll have to do my taxes soon :wall: I just finished decreasing the gusset… so I’m getting there… slowly!

Speaking of jobs, there is a good opportunity coming for a postdoc. But negociating with profs and researchers take forever. It would mean fill fellowship applications, come up with a detailed research plan and milestones… this whole process could take months. Not to mention that it takes at least 3 months to get an answer from the funding agency. :wall: I can’t be 6 months without a job!!! :pout: All this scares me a lot. Oh well, we’ll see. The MINUTE I get the confirmation that I get a job, I am SO buying some yarn and needles… :teehee:

Finally I finished the Jaywalker socks for my mom’s birthday. Phew! I think I’m a very slow knitter, and considering I don’t have that much time to knit… each project takes FOREVER. :teehee: I am very satisfied with these socks, I think my mom will like them. I liked the yarn and the pattern was easy and fun, what else could a knitter ask for? :cheering:

Now, however, I have to start my dad’s second sock :help: I don’t know if I will be able to finish it in time… :pout:

I’m getting more and more frustrated with my school. I submitted my thesis back in december, and I have still no date settled for my defense. One of the examiners apparently does not answer his emails, which is why the whole process is stalling. :grrr: I know which prof didn’t answer, but in principle I can not communicate with the examiners so I can’t go talk to him. I asked my supervisor to talk to him but… well my supervisor is not very organized and forgets everything all the time. :!!!: I can’t stand these people anymore, it’s really time I graduate.

Well, my external examiner told me my defense COULD be on march 15. But it’s not confirmed yet. That’s… in two weeks and they can’t confirm it??? :wall:

This is definitely not a good day for me today. I posted yesterday in the Wat’cha knittin’ section my Jaywalker socks and another FO. Some people asked me questions so I answered this morning. But the site was acting weird and I double posted by mistake. :oops: I tried to fix it but it seems I made the whole thread disappear :verysad: I guess I will repost it tonight.

I’m totally sorry if i missed this…

I’m attempting to catch up on everyone’s blog following our computer crash last Wednesday. :wall:

Did you KNIT IN PUBLIC??? How did it go?

As for making up words… you gotta lotta catching up to do… KK and Hilde have been making up words for years… [size=1](so has my wife for that matter)[/size]


Hi Joel! :waving:
I DID knit in public, in the subway! :teehee: it was ok… one weirdo told me I had a lot of patience but otherwise it wasn’t too weird. I think I will wait to spring to do it again however, because with my big winter coat it’s really a pain to knit on these tiny little seats.

:teehee: you should hear sometimes the frenglish words my boyfriend and I come up with sometimes… oy…

Well my defense date is finally official, after numerous mail server problems and confirmation emails being bounced back and forth :wall: I hate computers so much it’s insane. March 15 it is!!! After that, everybody will have to call me “Your Highness”. :rofl:

Hey Iza…

Beware the Ides of March!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Bon chance with the defense!! :cheering: :cheering: You will do very well!

I just got a C on my last French test. :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :passedout:

I never get C’s! :noway: Je suis tres triste. :verysad:
(and too lazy to find the accent I needed for that sentence :teehee: )

I was going to suggest that if your advisor didn’t get the information regarding your defense, you should go sit in his office and sing showtunes (loudly and off-key) until he told you what you needed to know. :teehee: