Iza in knittingland

Ok, I decided to jump. I have no idea if I will maintain that blog often, or if people will read it. Hopefully it won’t be too boring! :teehee:

Here are a few facts about me:

1- I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
2- I am a Ph.D. student, but I submitted my thesis in December, and I am supposed to defend it in February.
3- I have no idea on what I will do after my Ph.D. I have to look for a job. I hate when people ask me what I plan to do after I graduate.
4- I hate looking for jobs, preparing CVs and letters of motivation, and I hate interviews.
5- My first language is French.
6- I live with my wonderful boyfriend. His first language is English but he speaks French very well.
7- My boyfriend and I speak English 75% of the time.
8- I am a scientist. I like people that are logical, base their opinions on facts, and act consistently with what they believe.
9- It doesn’t mean that I am cold-hearted. At least I hope not.
10- I used to love playing the piano. I still do but I hardly have time.
11- I love literature. ANY literature, whether it’s French, American, Canadian (French or English), Russian, South American… ANY.
12- I have a younger brother who got married over a year ago. His wife and him want kids and I can’t wait to be an auntie.
13- My mom taught me how to knit when I was little. But I started knitting again about a year ago, and learn almost everything on this site. In English.
14- It took me a while to learn all the vocabulary about knitting in English. Now I can’t follow a pattern in French. :??
15- Why did I decide to do this blog, again?
My intention is to post some of my FOs and WIPs and to comment on difficulties and various issues. I’d like to have some feedback from experts! Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t talk about any non-knitting related matters…

Happy knitting everyone!


Welcome! :waving:

Hihi! Welcome! :waving:

Bonjour, et bienvenue au monde des Blogs. Je parle francais aussi, mais l’Anglais est ma langue marternelle. J’ai suivi une programme d’immersion durant l’ecole, au Nouveau Brunswick. Ca fait longtemps depuis que j’ai parle le francais, et plus de temps depuis que j’ai ecrit en francais. Je sais qu’il y a beaucoup de fautes et erreurs dans cette paragraph. :oops: Je manques les accents aussi.

I look forward to seeing pictures of your FOs.


Bonjour babydill! :waving: Ton français est vraiment excellent! :thumbsup: L’immersion française au Nouveau-Brunswick fait un très bon travail! :slight_smile: My boyfriend is from New Brunswick too, and we go there once in a while. I love your province so much, people are so nice and friendly! I love Montreal, but as in any big city, people are very stressed out…

I think I would really like to move to Moncton. I’m not originally from Montreal but I’ve been living here for a while and I feel it’s time for a change. Moncton is great because the french community seems very dynamic. I don’t mind being in an English-only community, but I just fear that I could start feeling homesick if I can’t speak french anywhere? :shrug: My boyfriend and I are also thinking of Halifax. We’ll see! :wink:

I saw a guy knitter today! :cheering: I was getting out of the subway and I saw this guy going in, he had what looked like the beginning of a sock or a mitten on dpns. I just saw him out of the corner of my eye so I couldn’t say hi to him. But it made my day! I admire his courage, since I am not myself comfortable to knit in public for some reason! :shrug: Maybe that will give me the motivation to bring my knitting in public transportations… My boyfriend was with me and saw him too, he was even more impressed than I was, I think! :teehee:

:waving: hi Iza! welcome! :waving:

I went to my LYS today, which I ADOOOORE. I love their selection so much my heart is pounding the minute I get in. I have to be very very responsible with my money these days however, since I’m finishing my degree and don’t have a job yet… :pout:

However it will be my mom’s birthday soon and she told me she wanted some socks, so I decided it was “ok” to buy some yarn for that occasion. :teehee: I asked her what color and couldn’t get a straight answer… so I decided to go with blue. I think she’ll like it. I’m not decided on the pattern however, maybe “Monkey” from knitty? But since there is a lot of navy blue, I’m a bit afraid the pattern won’t show well… anybody have opinions on this? :shrug:

Hello! :cheering:

I don’t knit in public much because I think it would embarrass my husband too much. :shrug:

I don’t knit in public much because I think it would embarrass my husband too much.

:teehee: would he really be embarassed??? I don’t see why we should be ashamed! I think for me I’m shy to knit in public because very few people do it here. I don’t really want to be the focus of attention… :shrug:

Well this weekend I started experimenting with toe-up socks. I’m using Elann’s “sock it to me” chevron pattern. The cast on was a bit tedious I must say and for some reason I’m much better at decreasing than increasing. :shrug: I made some mistakes in the chevron pattern so I had to frog a bit of it. But I managed to kept the toe part! I can’t wait to start working on the short rows… hopefully it won’t be too tedious!

I decided to go with Jaywalker for my mom’s socks (see above)… I just hope my gauge will be all right. I think this pattern will show better with that yarn… obviously I will have to experiment and see!

I think the sock bug has bitten me too. They’re small (even though they have a lot of stitches) but there are a lot of pattern repeats. the pattern reveals itself quickly so it’s fun.

I asked DH about knitting in public. He said that it wouldn’t bother him in some circumstances. I think those are where we’re just simply waiting. doctor’s offices, public transportation… the things that would bother him are when you are there to spend time with people. out to dinner, movie theater, other stuff…

I couldn’t help myself to try out Jaywalker with my new yarn. Here’s what I got for now!

I love working with this yarn, and I really like the colors. The pattern shows very well and is easy to knit! I have the feeling these won’t be my last jaywalker socks! :teehee: I hope my mom will like them!

Well, I have a cold… again. :wall: Shortly after I submitted my PhD thesis I became very sick (bronchitis), and had to take antibiotics and codeine. I spent my entire christmas vacations being sick. And now, a month later… I’m sick AGAIN!!! :wall: :grrr: I can’t stand this anymore.

AND of course I’m suppose to go to a party tonight. I look like Rudolf the red nose reindeer. Great. :verysad: I don’t think I will be staying late.

have you considering trying preventative herbs (in extract) like astragalus, osha, or echinecea? i usually take a dropper full of astragalus a few times a week, especially if i’m feeling under-the-weather. :hug:

btw, i LOVE your socks. i’m working on a pair now, and i’m so bored and semi embarassed by them… yours, though. i’d be PROUD!

ah! i just discovered that you have a blog! :figureditout:

bienvenue to the blogs, et just so tu sais, je have been practicing mon franglais ~ahem~ i mean, mon français :teehee:

(ETA: yay, i get to be the first one sur your deuxième page aussi :woohoo: )

Second page! :woohoo: Merci Joy! Comme tu peux voir ce blog n’est pas très populaire et je n’ai pas beaucoup le temps de poster des messages. :teehee: But I want to put pictures and notes about projects I made, so that I don’t do the same mistakes twice if I ever decide to redo the same patterns or use the same yarns. It will be useful in the long run…

These jaywalker socks are very easy, but somehow I keep making mistakes. I think often I forget the last increase on the zigzag pattern. I managed to correct a few mistakes but it makes the whole project a lot slower than I though. ARRRGH I’m at the foot now and still have 2 inches to go before I decrease for the toe. And then, of course, I have to do the other sock… :doh:

ohh, c’est O.K., mon blog n’est pas plus popular than yours!

i don’t know anything about socks, but good luck to you on those :muah:

Well, my first Jaywalker sock is DONE! And I started the second one. I’m also knitting socks for my dad, the first one is done but I don’t feel like doing the second one AT ALL. I HATE the yarn I am using. It’s Briggs and Little’s “Sport”, this yarn twists on itself, breaks if you pull too hard on it and it’s very scratchy. I made socks for my brother with this yarn already and I know I will never buy this yarn again. It’s sad because I like to encourage Canadian companies (especially companies from New Brunswick), but this yarn is just such a pain to work with…

Fortunately I really like working with Zitron Trekking for the Jaywalker. I will post some pictures soon! :happydance:

Joy you should try out making socks it’s so much fun! :slight_smile: And it’s really not that difficult. :cheering:

I’ve discovered that I really like doing two socks at the same time. It really saves on that second sock syndrome. When one is done, they’re both done!

Your jaywalkers are turning out very well!