Ivy Leaf Scarf in Wool Bam Boo

I’ve been working on a scarf for my ISE 4 secret scarf pal. I’m about a little over a quarter finished and still really enjoying myself!

I used the provisional cast on method, which will be the center of the scarf. I plan on working 7 or 8 repeats of the leaf pattern then binding off. Then I’ll pick up the provisional cast on stitches and do the same thing in the other direction. I’m using Classic Elite’s Wool Bam Boo, and it’s incredibly soft and has a beautiful drape. I can’t wait to finish!

WOW! That is stunning! :notworthy:

That is really beautiful!

Wow!!! That is gorgeous! Love the color. :slight_smile:

:heart: very nice!!! :heart: :cheering:
I love Wool Bam Boo… I made 2 Branching Outs with it a few months ago. I love the drape and the shinyness.

I was admiring your scarf posted on ISE4. Its beautiful, you have one very lucky pal!

Wow, thanks for such wonderful comments! :muah:

I’ve just posted the preliminary pattern up on my blog if anyone’s interested. I don’t know yarn requirements yet… but the pattern’s there at least. :happydance:


Beautimus :slight_smile:

That is exquisite!!

That is truly gorgeous -I especially love the soft color choice and the waythe edges “wave”. Your pal will be impressed!

The stitches are lovely and it must be so soft in bamboo!

beautiful :muah: cant wait to see how many yards you use… i think i may make one for me :heart:


I just finished Branching Out, but this really beats it. Such a pretty pattern!

Oh, that’s so pretty! :cheering: You are doing a great job!

The pattern is kinda like an optical illusion–I was looking at it and I saw the outline of an angel–does anyone else see that or do I need to cut down on my morning coffee :teehee: See below

WOW, that is absolutely incredible! Great job!!

Wow! I didn’t even notice that.
Thanks for pointing it out :hug:

Your pattern is absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing your pattern - even the preliminary. I can’t wait to get started on one.

Now that’s purdy. The yarn sounds fun to work with too.

Technically, I only made it into a scarf. The lace pattern belongs to Barbara Walker, so I can’t take credit for the whole thing. :shrug:

I’m glad you all like it :slight_smile:

Lovely! I really like that pattern.