I've taught my dd well!

Had to share this with those who I know will appreciate it…
My dd is nearly 3 and of course mimics everything she sees and
hears and has come out with some pretty great one liners but
this morning was the best. I called her to the kitchen to get her
breakfast and she said "Just a minute, moma, let me finish this row!"
Where on earth did she learn that??:teehee:

Libbie :slight_smile:

how sweat.
shes onlya small step away now from picking up the needles herself!

Sounds like my Mel. When she wants to do something she is not suppose to, she says “Knit Momma”, and now she has gotten to where she DEMANDS that I knit her sock. It is so cute to see her face at 2 1/2 demanding that I knit.

Can we trade? I want a DD who knits. Sounds like you HAVE trained this one right!!

Too cute!

Awww so cute! All my son does is run off with my needles!

That is a hoot!!! Three year olds are the funniest!!


How sweet! Tori is so interested in knitting, I really think I’m going to start teaching her soon. She’ll be 4 in February. We’ll give it a try and see how it goes.

That’s so cute!
Yesterday my 7 yr old son asked “What would happen if our house was all full of yarn?” and my 4 1/2 yr old daughter said, “We’d be really warm!”

Aww! LOL! That is too cute and funny!

My daughter, for a moment, had an interest in knitting. I tried showing her then just let her do her best (which was basically just continually wrapping the yarn around the needle…lol)…I would always tell her it looked good and to keep practicing, but, she’s a perfectionist…It didn’t look right, to her, and she ended up just getting frustrated and stomping off…haha…I wonder where her lack of patience comes from?? :whistle:

That’s adorable :slight_smile:


Too cute!:roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: Don’cha just love the things they say?

my 2 yr old son likes to wrap himself up in my yarn, and walk all over my feet while i’m knitting or crocheting. i was trying to make leg warmers, and he kept grabbing the yarn and pulling itout of my hands. its cream colored yarn and just from my hands reworking it it was getting grimy, i had to restart 2x, i finally gave up and decided it will have to wait until after he goes to bed!

LOL that is so sweet . it reminds of my son. Imust have used the" letme finish this row" once to often because when he wants something he says " mummy , you know when you finish your row? Can i …"
It made me laugh quite a lot the first time he said it. :slight_smile:

Isn’t it amazing they continue to learn the things that we may not want them to learn and forget the things we want them to learn? lol
I was knitting in front of my grandchildren (3 & 1) and they were playing w/ their toys… the 3yr old wanted me to read a book, so I read to her while knitting.

After I left, my granddaughter, found some of my soninlaw’s knitting needles, and handed them to him, and said… “read like grandma…”

My daughter was lol so hard, she had to call me. Her husband had learned how to knit when his daughter was born, (He is 6’3", and a Marine MP) so he could knit her something. His daughter, now 3, wanted him to read, and thought he should read while knitting.
Now, he is “forced” to knit while reading since that is how it should be done.
So he is now knitting his son a blanket… and reading to his daughter. His only problem is his son, 1, wants to unwind the knitting every chance he can.

I love it…

Aww those are such cute stories. I love kids!

That’s so cute!

I remember about 2 and 1/2 years ago my now 5 year old granddaughter came downstairs and saw me knitting for the new baby and pointed to her chest and said " Grandma, you knit for me? You knit for me Grandma?"

They are stationed in Japan now…so all you grandmas’ that can reach out and hug their grandchild right now…do so!! I miss them terribly:waah: