I've started scarves, scarves, and more scarves!

I’m a new knitter - about 3 months now. I’ve knit dishcloths and found a pattern I may extend into a placemat. But I’m tired of cotton.

So. I used my discount coupons and bought up a whole lot of pretty colors in Lion Brand Heartland: blue, purple, green, gold, red and brown. I like that it’s a soft yarn and the colors sort of “shimmer” and have a bit of “tweed” to them.

I’m making a blue basket weave scarf/hat/wrist warmer set; a red ribbed set; a gold set with reversible ridges instead of ribs; a purple set in a diamond pattern; and may teach myself cable on the green yarn set…

Then, with the leftover yarn, I may make a lap blanket in stripes or a larger afghan in blocks of color.

I’m excited about all the variety available to me in stitch designs, and soon my knitting will be even and consistent and I’ll want to start a sweater or vest.

Pictures will follow when I have more than 2 rows on the needles - lol!

Sounds like heaven! Enjoy all the new yarn and projects. we’re looking forward to those photos.

you’ve brought a smile to my face. I LOVE your enthusiasm!
and can’t wait to see photos of everything completed.

oh, the possibilities…

This is to post my first pictures here. It’s all the colors I bought and the start of the blue scarf…

oooo! colours I can wear! my address is…


Oh, lovely beginning to the scarf and wonderful selection of colors! What fun.

LOL!!! My thoughts exactly!

Looks nice for fall colors :slight_smile: