I've started my first ever sock on DPN's!

I got some yummy Opal yarn and I’ve cast on and done the first few rounds of my first ever sock on DPN’s!! Woot! Woot!!

I’ll have to make sure to get photos of the WIP as I go along… I’ll post them all on my blog. :slight_smile: Thanks for all the support! I can’t believe I’ve actually conquered DPN’s! :cheering:

Heather, you can DO IT!!! I’ve never knitted in my life, and a sock is my first project, about to be completed, only toe and grafting to get done, maybe tonight if I can get off the computer! They’re really not that difficult to use once you get the hang of just ignoring the ones you’re not working with!

:thumbsup: Yes, you can do it! I didn’t think I could knit socks either but I had no trouble at all using Silver’s sock tutorial. I completed my first pair in about two weeks. We call them my big HONKING socks because I used larger needles than called for and the socks were LARGE :shock: --fit my Dad’s size 14 feet! :rofl: But he loves them.

You can do it!! It’s really so much easier than it looks. Once you finish your first pair, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted yourself.

Hooray for you!! :cheering:

You really CAN do it. I shied away from socks, until I started postin on this site. After I made my first one, I couldn’t believe how much easier it was than I thought it would be.

I enjoy making socks also, I am kinda new and at my first class I saw someone using all those little needles, I was soooo impressed so I wanted to try also, I am on my 3rd pair now. I have not used Opal yarn yet, but I hear that it is nice. Can’t wait to see pictures. :slight_smile:



WTG on the win over dpns!!! This is a major event in knitting…YIPPEE!!! :cheering: