I've searched all over and no luck

I can’t find any info on hemming top-down sweaters.
all the hemming tips I find are for starting at the bottom and knitting up. I want to find a tutorial for using picot hem and which stitch is the best to use to sew the hem so it doesn’t flip or come undone on a child’s sweater.

The answers I’m looking to find are:
What is the best bind off to use to reduce bulk in the hem? I’m afraid to use live stitches so I have to bind off.

How many rows after picot row would prevent a “line” on the front of sweater. Is it less or equal to the rows of the hem that are above the picot?

Which hem stitch would be bes to sew the hem shut?

Why are there no tutorials for hemming and finishing top down circular sweaters?

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you

See if these are any help:


Thanks for the links. The one by Judy shows how I did mine, but she doesn’t seem to address the issue of the hem “flipping”. She doesn’t seem to mind that flip.

It may stay down after you block, if you have a blockable fiber yarn.

No, I’m using Simply Soft

Well, you could ‘kill’ it then. Which is done by steaming it. It does make it really limp though, so you might knit a practice piece with a ‘hem’ like your sweater, and steam that first to see if it works.