I've never seen these needles before

Someone gave me a bunch of needles and these were included,I’m assuming they’re used for regular knitting?are they used for any particular garments etc.?

These are used just as you would use straight needles. They are made of flexible cables so you can knit a wide piece. It would be almost impossible to knit with regular straights that were made from a hard material if they were this long.

I’ve been trying to find me some crochet hooks like that. You can fit way more stitches on them than on regular needles or the afghan hooks. You can always use circular needles and knit flat so I guess those are kind of outdated, no?

I bought some similar ones when I first started knitting. They are used where you’d use straights or knitting flat.

They are called Flex Needles, or Jumper Needles. And craw, try this: http://www.spinblessing.com/item.php?art=grp:BH620

Thanks everyone,I guess they are outdated now with the circular needles in use,but I think I’ll hang on to them-might come in handy one of these days.
sandy57th…thanks for the link,that looks like a great site

Sure thing!

Actually they are still available in some stores. I bought them at Hobby Lobby last year. They were called Jumper Cables on the package.

This may sound strange but is the needle part a full needle head or a thinner version? I have something like that and it is a stitch holder. The one in the package I just got recently from Knitting Warehouse and the other which is my favorite, I have had since I was thirteen and I am pass 50 now. The unpackage holder come in really handy when I have to frogg something which uses smaller needles like size 2 or less.