I've missed you!

:cheering: Hey guys! I mised yall! Does anyone remember me? :slight_smile:
We moved and things were kind of crazy. But I think things are back to normal (for a while anyway). I’ll be able to post some more and cozy back in here. I have missed the friendship here.
During the move I got a chance to reorganize my projects, notions, and yarn. This weekend I looked at my UFOs and got serious. If I’m not going to finish it, I threw it out (Goodwill).
So now I have my six UFOs that I am going to finish. One is a small afgahn that is a once a month block, another is a purple cable manos scarf, a set of Koigu booties, the other is the little counterpane baby blanket, and last is a simpe cardigan Im knitting out of James C Brett Marble.
Anyway, I can’t wait to get back into the flow here.

:cheering: Happy to be back!

Welcome Back!

Hi! Welcome back to KH! :yay:

Good to see you back!! And that’s good that you culled your projects, as well…now you can have a fresh start :slight_smile:

Great to hear from you again!

Thanks for the welcome back. : )

:woot: YAY! So glad to see you back and posting!!

Welcome back!