I've lost my motivation

For some reason I have had absolutely no drive to knit. Well, that’s not entirely true. My heart and my fingers say to knit, but the rest of my body rebels. I don’t have any desire to finish my tank because I fear it’s going to be too small. Nor do I want to leave it unfinished while I work on something else. I haven’t knitted for over 24 hours!! :o

I know of what you speak…

The Languishing WIPs of My Life

Is it just me?
Or does everyone have ten projects they are working on at once?
Here is my theory.
If you begin to immensely dislike the color, the mundane~ness, the intricacy of pattern, you should stop.
Really, throw tension caution to the wind. Throw out the idea that if you come back to it, you will never remember where you are, what you are doing. Throw out the idea that if you stop now, it will never get done.

Why hate something that is supposed to be joyfilled?
It then becomes work.
B o r i n g Round and round you go, and it never seems to end~ Such is the case with The Poncho. Languishing on the back of the sofa, waiting ever so patiently, quiet, uncondemning, yet undone.

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I have similar times–I was recently feeling this way so I just quit for a bit (a couple of weeks). I love to knit and I agree that it shouldn’t be a daunting task. Recently, I frogged three projects that had been OTN for months…after frogging I was able to pick up knitting again. I think it was just those projects hanging over my head that was keeping me from enjoying my hobby.

i know exactly how you feel! I have several WIP’s. None of which I am inspired to finish. I did a little online shopping and ordered some yarn and I’m waiting until it arrives and hopefully, it will inspire me.
Right now, instead of knitting, I’ve been reading, cleaning out my closets and organizing stuff.

I go through the same thing. Whenever it happens to me and I pick knitting back up it is always to try a new technique. It gets me motivated again.

Frog the tank or finish it, and then you’ll be right back to knitting. I know 'cause it happens to me. Now I have knit group and the fun of chatting with my friends while knitting always motivates me!

Well, I finished it… mostly. :roflhard: I forced myself to stay up until I finished the last strap and seamed it. Then I tried it on. To my surprise it mostly fits! A bit snugger than I’d expected, but it fit. The arm holes were a lot bigger than I’d expected and, considering my ample bossom, I decided to add the sleeves to make it a Rose instead of a Soleil. This way my bra won’t show. lol

Thanks for the pep talks. :heart:

Great…you’re fixed. Now, let’s motivate me to get my curtains washed.

Hey, I’ve been through those times, and thought, “What am I doing with all this knitting stuff I’ve collected over the past couple of years?? I’m not knitting everyday like I used to be!”

But, I realized that I just needed little breaks while I read a book or went out, or just did nothing!! I really am addicted to this forum, and I know sometimes I could be knitting instead, but, hey, I sometimes LEARN something about knitting, and always get a laugh while I’m here. I also read a lot of knitting blogs and enjoy them. I know I’m never going to be a fast knitter, or a perfect one, but I FEEL like I’m always going to knit!! :XX: