I've knitted a hat, but it's too big. I followed the pattern for woman size...?

Apparently my brain is very small so i don’t have a woman size head…So anyway, is there anyway i can shrink it a bit? Like wet it or something? Because the pattern says cover it with a damp cloth then let dry; should i just wet it completly and then put it on the washing line?
[I’ve already asked for help on here, about this same hat by the way]


What’s the pattern and fiber content of the yarn?

Pattern is basically ribing for abour 4cm, then this stitch which does on row plain stitch/one row purl-knit onto the stitch bellow, for about 16 cm. The yarn is half wool half acrylic.

How many did you cast on? Do you have the actual yarn name?

Unfortunately wool/acrylic probably won’t shrink. If the label says you can wash it you might try that and see if it tightens up a bit.

was it the bounce hat? the pattern of ribbing with K1below–a broiche stitch ribbing (called fisherman’s rib or shaker rib, or…) is a very loose rib and the hat is supposed to be loose, not snug (only the beginning ribbing for first few inches is snug)