I've just started this

I’ve just started this (finished knitting the rib of the back, 16 rows of 1 x 1).

Sorry, here’s some details:

Patons Inca for Men
Book 1232, pattern 19

“RIB GUERNSEY SWEATER with diamond texture”

Very good looking pattern. It’s going to be fun to knit and look fabulous.

That will be one good looking sweater. Looks like a fun knit too. Post the finished pics!!

That looks super nice. :slight_smile:

Good choice. It’ll be great.

Fine-looking sweater!

It’s being knitted in “Inca” which is an Australian yarn: 60 wool, 30 alpaca and 10 synthetic. It’s what you’d call “chunky” or 12 ply. Love it as it’s so damned soft … just beautiful to knit with, too.

Nice design, David. Will watch for your FO!

I’ve just finished knitting the first 48 cms of the back and the lovely diamond feature is about to begin … can’t wait.

Go, David! Go, David!

You’re a zippy knitter, my friend. Or else you’ve got more stick-with-it-ness than I do. I have to jump up every few minutes and do something else (like start another knitting project!!).

Can’t wait to see this one done!

What a great looking sweater!

update - I’ve finished this now (at least all the knitting) and have to press it and sew it up with my (enormous) yarn needle.