I've just started knitting my first sock

I have my friend Manda to blame, really. She’s an Aussie, living in the UK who is also totally adictamacated to sock knitting. :heart:

But I’ve started. Manda has sent me a basic 4ply sock pattern, which I’m doing with a lovely steely blue colour in Patonyle.

I’ve done a 3cm cuff in 1/1 rib, and have started my stockingette stitch (I’m about 4-5 rows in). I’m using 5 x 2.75mm dpns (I find I prefer dpn’s to circular needles).

I know I’ll be okay until I get to the heel part, which I’m very much dreading… :frog: <-- that’ll be me… I know it…

Well, I have about 15-20cm before I need to worry about it… I guess… :pray:

Good Luck, I will attempt one some day. They sure look difficult. Can’t wait to see a pic when your done.

yay for you! :cheering: Socks are so fun.

YIPPEE for you misstialouise!! [color=red]S[/color][color=green]O[/color][color=blue]C[/color][color=orange]K[/color][color=darkred]S[/color] are my very favorite things to :XX: !!
So…you have yourself some sock :x: [color=indigo] F[/color][color=red]U[/color][color=green]N[/color] :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: And you will soon find that you are a card carrying member of the “Sock Knitting :sunglasses: Addicts” club…SKA, it’s a lifetime membership; no way out :wink: But then, who would want to leave?!

Here is a pic of my sock… I’ve done a few more stockinette rows since this picture… but you get the idea… :smiley:

It is an absolutely gorgeous color. I haven’t made socks yet but they look like fun.

love the color & you are doing an EXCELLENT job!! No ladders on your 1st sock…very, very good :smiley: !! WTG :thumbsup:

'I started my first sock after I got Amy’s video–I didn’t have DSL at the time :frowning: and I couldn’t watch them online. I think every knitting question I’d ever have was answered in there, :happydance: and in my Reader’s Digest craft book–it has about every needle craft you can think of. And I’ve tried all of them at least once :shock: , even tatting!! But I love all the info I get at this site here-- :?? just things like using a rubber band to keep your stitches from coming off the needles when you put it down (my cat had a field day with a half-done sock one night and I had to frog the whole thing the next day!!) :rollseyes: …using a lifeline at times…lots of things I’d never have thought of. When I knitted that first sock , I thougth I’d never get it–and it’s still a challenge (I’ve only knit 4!) but it’s getting easier and easier. :XX: Socks are so versatile, so usable, so portable, so pretty! Now I hope I can learn the circular method–just so I’ll know both ways–although when someone sees you knitting with 4 or 5 needles at a time, they think you REALLY know something!! I :heart: LOVE knitting socks–and I love KnittingHelp.com!!!You’ve all become friends to me and I’ve learned a lot–just wanted to say thanks to all of you, and Amy–I hope many more good things come to you! :heart:

That looks great! I haven’t tried a sock yet. But I just finished A Good Yarn and the pattern in it is socks. The book made it sound like so much fun! Now I’m dying to try.

Keep us updated!

Here’s an updated pic :smiley:

I love the color! Looks great :slight_smile:

Oh The sock look great…
I am about to try the loop method of knitting socks… I have made some with dpns but this will be a new Adventure…
has anyone done them???