I've got the hot water bottle blues

That’s so darn cute, Woodi, and useful to boot!!!

Here’s the pattern that you used, Woodi!

And as Jan said…the Ravelry database turned up a 4 pages of cute patterns for hot water bottle covers!

The hot water bottle cover below is permanently fitted over the hot water bottle. You seam the bottom and sides…stuff the hot water bottle down into the sweater…then seam the shoulders and side neck.

Click here for pattern. I like this one, too. I like Celtic cables.

Aww thank you! :aww: :hug: I can find something positive in almost any situation since that is my nature. I like being happy. :slight_smile:

Your hot water bottle cover looks great! I like the contrast of the green buttons, too. BTW… buttonholes are kind of frustrating for everyone, but they do get easier and better with time. Fortunately once the item is buttoned you can’t really see them anyway. :wink:

Your hwb cover looks very cosy, Woodi!

I have read or heard the story about Helen Roseveare and the hot water bottle before, but it still brought a tear to my eye when I read it in your post.


Oh no! Artlady, are you trying to drive me mad? That celtic one looks so gorgeous, and now I’ll want to make it too! I already have someone in mind for one, my niece- she just had a baby.

but this one item took me forever and a day. What’s that you say?..the more you make the easier it gets…well, mebbe.

Thanks for the Ravelry page!

I just finished my second cozy a couple days ago - hoot water bottle cozy, on my Ravelry page. The first one had a flap in the back which keeps coming open and I plan to put velcro on that one. With this one I just stuffed the empty bottle down the neck folded and put the water in afterwards. I just fold the bottom flap up on the bottle. Nights here in Alaska can be pretty cold so I put the bottle in bed about ten minutes before I get in and then sleep with it up against my back. Really makes a difference. I bought hot water bottles and made cozies for them for three of my friends this Christmas.:knitting:

borealowl lives in Alaska?..wow, that’s so far north to me, and some think I live in the north, heh.

Your hotwatbot cozies sound like a perfect gift for freezy friends. Nice!

VELCRO?? Velcro is usually a bad match for knitting. It really sticks to it and makes it fuzzy and fills up the velcro with fuzz, too. Every time I wear this sweater I made it gets stuck in the velcro flap on my purse. Drives me crazy!

Yes, I am in Fairbanks, in the interior, one of the coldest spots here. Where are you in Canada? I have made several trips up and down the AK hwy. and love it there.
Yes, my friends live in cold houses in northern areas and I thought this would be a perfect gift for them. Hopefully they like them.

Yes, I can generally agree with you on that - I hate velcro too but it worked out well on a kindle cover I just made. The hot water bottle cover just had a flap and no buttonholes but keeps coming open so that’s the best solution I can think of.

A success! You realy stuck with this and it turned out very well. And, now you can do buttonholes. Grreat work.