I've got a problem

:biting: :biting: :biting:

I am soooo ticked off.

I am making a scarf out of Red Heart Baby Clouds, I just joined my second skein of yarn, It is not the same color!!!

There was no dye lot number and all the other numbers on the label matched.

Is there anything I can do? I am almost done with the scarf and now it is two toned.

ummm :shrug: sorry… only thing i can think of is to either put up with the two tone, or frog back and start knitting a couple rows from each ball (2 rows ball 1, 2 rows ball 2, etc)

I’m not sure what you can do about it, but I’ve had the same problem with Red Heart. I’ve been working on and off a large crocheted afghan for a couple months, and so far, all three skeins that I’ve used have been subtly different colors. The labels were marked ‘NO DYE LOT’, so I assumed they would look the same. But my afghan is apparently going to be red variegated instead of just red :shrug:

Thanks Dee and Jess :hug:

I really don’t want to frog it, unless I absolutely have to, it is almost 4 feet long. But I guess I’ll do what I have to.

Jess - I was like you, I thought that with no dye lot it would all be the same color. :shrug: