I've forgotten where in my pattern i stopped! please help!

I am new to knitting and have been knitting a scarf in a pattern called irish hiking scarf and i have forgotten where i last stopped! Is there any way i can work it out? Please help! Helen x

Well, having not yet picked up my ESP cap from the cleaners, I cannot immediately discern what you are knitting, where you may have been in the pattern when leaving off or a description of what you are now looking at as you try to discern where you left off…

Throw us a bone here

Give the folks here a little more info here and I bet they can help you out. :wink:

Hi and welcome to KH!

You might be able to tell by looking at the cables…to see what you would be doing next. You can also try to count up the scarf to see what row that would put you on…you would count the little "v"s going up the scarf…I would prolly count up between the cables…

Usually when I knit I keep paper and pen next to me so I can mark my rows…you can also use row counters too…:thumbsup: