I've finished!

ages and ages ago, I knitted a ‘drop stitch’ scarf using ribbon yarn… I’m sure if I did a search, I’d find the post with the pic on here somewhere… but anyway…

I had 1.5 balls of this yarn left and it’s just been sitting in my stash ever since. So I picked up the pattern for that crocheted hat again and this time used the ribbon yarn and 7mm hook.

Much to my amazement, it actually turned out!! And it fits my head! LOL So now I have my scarf and matching hat! woohoo! :cheering:

Awesome, I’d love to see it! I boughts TONS of ribbon yarn when I first started knitting and have been just looking at it ever since…I never know what to do with it (beyond scarves!)

Oopsies! I wasn’t thinking and I started a new thread instead of adding the photo to this post… Can I still claim baby brain when baby is 3 months old? LOL

Anyway, here is a photo of the finished object.

The hat looks nice and comfy, and I like the color. I’ve never crocheted with ribbon yarn (only knitted with it) so it sounds like something to try. Glad to hear it fits (my FOs don’t always, hehehe).


Cute hat! Interesting looking yarn. Makes me want to crochet a hat too. I’m eyeing one of the beanies in the Happy Hooker. :think: