I've finally caught it!

I received some yarn for the holiday and started to knit socks, with some help, of course. And now I can say I’m totally [B]addicted[/B]! You all were right!! I’ve got all kinds of sock yarn now, I’m soo excited! I just can’t put my needles down. :woot:

Welcome to the sock side! I love socks too. They are fun and quick. They are basically all I do. And shopping for sock yarn is almost as fun as knitting the socks themselves!

LOL! Me, too! I thought they’d be super nice Christmas gifts and now on my 13th pair and starting to do them for birthdays… So easy to carry in my bag and just love experimenting with different yarns. So glad to know I’m not alone in my new “sock fetish”! :woohoo: :muah: :woot:

woo yeah! sock knitting is the best :woot:

You will never look at socks the same again!

Me too I love socks I taught myself and once ya get the hang of it they are great.
Keep those needles wiping out those socks.
It gets better with every sock. Oh lace, cables anything ya want. Oh Oh got to go and get my socks:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

Yep, socks are fun. (Now there’s a sentence non-knitters would never utter :rofl:)

What method did you first learn for socks?

I’m not sure of what method?? See, my boyfriend’s mother taught me and it’s pretty much in her head .She just had me write down the pattern in my own words so I can remember to knit up my second sock, and possibly more after that. She says her way is easier than most patterns. I trust her but I really wouldn’t know because I’m a sock newb.

I definitely have the sock bug … they are just so interesting, every pair is unique x

I guess what I meant was, did you use double pointed needles or circular or ??


Oh Oh, sorry. DPN’s.

If you’re enjoying the socks…I highly recommend this book! It’s got a lot of variations to try and it lists the patterns in several different methods so you can pick the one you prefer! There is now a second book as well but I haven’t purchased it yet…(emphasis on yet!)