I've decided on my needles... um... I think.... have I?

[b][color=olive]I’m 98% sure that I’ve decided to get the Knit Picks Options interchangeable needles.
I did like the idea of getting the big coloured ones a la Boye for ease of finding when I’m camping, but the Knit Picks ones seem to have more to offer.

Does anyone know of anywhere selling the knit picks ones cheap at the moment? Maybe in a winter sale? It’ll have to be an online buy.

I’ve had a google for it and I’m still going but I can’t find a lot out there.

Any help would be appreciated. Also if anyone thinks i’m getting the wrong product - i’d be grateful for your opinions (I did read the huge thread about interchangeables but it was so long it confused me! :oops: )

[/color] [/b]

hmmm… I’ve been looking online too. I’m about to purchase them myself, and was hoping to find an Australian distributor, but I can’t seem to find any distributor at all, besides Knitpicks. I guess, as they are the creators (i believe) that they are keeping them all to themselves :shrug:

They are made exclusively for KnitPicks and they will only be on sale through knit picks. Niffer I know you are also in the UK. I had been posting here a while when they came out and a very very very kind lady here took delivery of the options set for me at her home in the USA. She then posted them on to me and I repaid her the postage cost with Malabrigo.

I could have also done a direct bank transfer, paypal, cash in the post or whatever she would have liked. The trouble with this method is that it is entirely based on trust.

Lucky for me the lady trusted me enough to know that I’d pay her back.

I remember someone else (I don’t remember who) saying they would ship for Malabrigo too! Its easy enough - order options and malabrigo get the free postage from Knit Picks and tell the receiver to take out the malabrigo for themselves =P Postage to the UK can be quite high though - IIRC it was around $20 or more to ship to me. I hope said lady loved the Malabrigo as much as I love my options =D

I didn’t realise they wouldn’t ship to the UK!!!

AAAGH - my mum has a pal in the US but I’m not sure how much I trust her to post them on in a reasonable time frame.

I’ll have to have a look into it I think.

Thanks for your replies!

I begged them to send them to the UK they refused. They said they had not found a shipper that was reliable enough for them to ship outside the US =(

USPS Global Priority is enough IMO - you can check your package status through them but I guess its a lot of work for them to mail you the package details etc after they have shipped =(

Such a bummer.

Oh Lord, I hope they ship to Australia then… all I noticed was that they shipped internationally, so I assumed they would ship here. I’m starting to feel a little crestfallen, and will have to go have a look. If I pay to get them shipped from someone else, it’ll take a month at the cheapest postage rate, and even that is $40 US. I just assumed they might be able to do it faster, being that they would (maybe) have arrangements with shipping companies. Oh well, I’m off to find out if my dreams have been dashed (it was my birthday present to myself) :verysad:

No - they ship to the USA and Canada. You can register internationally and use that as a billing address but the postal address has to be USA or Canada or a military address. :verysad:

We should all mail them and use emotional blackmail :teehee: :teehee: :teehee: :teehee:

Does anyone in the USA know of any stores that carry them?

Maybe the stores would be willing to ship them - I’m willing to make some phonecalls if anyone knows of a store or two that carries them.

:figureditout: Well, I bought some yarn from the Buy/Sell/Swap forum last week, and it’s still waiting to be sent out, so maybe I can stretch the friendship and find out if I can get my Options shipped to her, so they can be thrown in the yarn box.

They don’t even have a contact us email on their webpage apparently, unless I am blind. I can mail them, email their webmaster for technical difficulties (which i’m not sure this counts as), or phone them, but I can’t email knitpicks :!!!:

Like Mulene mentioned these needles are only offered by Knit Picks, they cannot be purchased in the store, just at the Knit Picks website.

There are quite a few of us who have shipped internationally for folks on the board - the Options needles are a fabulous price - even at $60 and are worth the wait! To pay for shipping to another country usually the person ordering the options will include a gift card to KP for the person doing the sending.