I've crossed the threshold

I was standing in the Woman’s Department at Walmart last night, waiting on DH to finish his cigarette, just kinda browsing when this cute little sweater caught my eye. I walked over and started inspecting the stiches. I’m thinking I could SO make that sweater! :knitting: Then it hit me…I can’t even finish my sample scarf…:fingerwag:…what makes me think that I can create a sweater. Ah,…the reality of it…all in due time. But, it is a step in the right direction…

You’ll get there before you know it!:cheering:

Ah. You’ve been bitten by the knitting addiction! Congratulations! and if you can knit purl increase decrease, yo, you can knit most anything. Go for it! :happydance:

Yeah, and some people may even talk you into trying to make a sweater before you’re ready! lol But that just brings some fun, interesting, hilarious learning experiences. But I know that you mean… I used to just be like Oh, it’s a sweater. But now I’m analyzing and trying to figure out which decreases they use, etc. It’s fun seeing the world through the eyes of a knitter; it definitely makes sweaters and socks much more exciting :happydance:

I’m horrible about doing that. Even with non-knitting things. We’ll be in store and I’ll see something and say “Hey, I can make that.” and DH just rolls his eyes.