I've come this far, I dont want to mess up!

Im working from a pattern that has quite a bit more in it than ive done before. I’ve made it decently far but I’m not sure what this means:

“Row 1: K1 (k1 yo k1 yo k1 yo k1) in next st to increase 6 sts, k1 yo ssk k15 yo ssk k2-30 sts.”

I know all the stitches themselves but im not sure what the parentheses and in the next st is trying to tell me, or the k2-30 bit. Right now i have 24 stitches cast on, so i figure if i increase by six ill end up with 30 but im confused on how to do this and i really dont want to start over!


The (k1 yo k1 yo k1 yo k1) in next st is a way of increasing. All 7 steps are made into the one stitch on the left needle before that stitch is dropped off the needle. See if this video helps at least show you the idea of what you’re to do. Keep going until you have 7 loops over the needle in the one stitch.

The -30 is just telling you the total number of sts you should have at the end of the row, your 24sts plus the increase of 6sts.