I've been unfaithful

for the month of February, so cold here, snowed in with ice too…I accepted a quilting challenge from a cousin, and spent the entire month piecing this complex quilt top together. I finished it yesterday (the top, not the quilting).

Meanwhile, my poor knitting sat unattended.

Do I look sufficiently guilty?

Each applique was fused onto a square with paper, then machine embroidered around each flower…so much work!

This is the center square, and I must pat myself on the back for getting all four corners straight! (I am NOT a sewing expert).

Reason I abandoned knitting for this: I felt that my logical brain needed more exercise, and I wasn’t getting it with my knitting (fingers too arthritic). Perhaps I should join a quilting forum, but can’t find one that isn’t toooooo big.

Anyone know of a quilting or sewing forum which is as nice as this knitting forum? (not that I’ll ever give up knitting).

That is just gorgeous, Woodi!

And from someone who comes from a family of quilters (my grandmother taught me how to quilt–by hand, of course; I have a cousin who makes a living machine quilting, and numerous aunts who quilt), I applaud your diversion into other crafts. But I wouldn’t call it being “unfaithful.” You’re just branching out and being crafty in other areas.

Very nice work! Thanks for posting.

P.S. I don’t know of any nice quilting forums, and I’m not surprised that many of them are so big. Quilting is [U]the[/U] rage right now.

I hereby find you guilty of making an absolutely beautiful quitl top. Your sentence is to bask in the glory of a job well done.
:thumbsup: :yay: :cheering:
Those corners are marvelous. I sew and know how they can wrong on things I’ve done. I’ve never made a quilt and am amazed at what quilters do.

Well done!

I don’t suppose there’s a Quilting Help forum like Knitting Help, that would be too easy.

Woodi, that is spectacular quilt! What a beautiful design. You done absolutely wonderful work here. Thanks very much for sharing your pictures.

Woodi, your quilt is beautiful! :cheering:

had a pile of scraps leftover

needed a needlecase, so made this:

Need to find some wool felt for the inside, to stick needles into.

also have more leftover strips, can’t stop playing with…so laid down more… not sewn yet:

This is the scene from my livingroom window…colorless! So can you blame me for wanting a little color?

Your colorful needle case and other stripey . . . thing are lovely.

Are those buzzards outside your window? Turkeys? Well, whatever they are, they could sure use some brightening up.

I won’t post a picture of what it looks like around here . . . . after a wet winter . . . . and after we planted rye grass, oats, and Austrian winter peas . . . . and after they grew into an amazing green jungle.

It might make you cry!

Love the stripes, bright and cheery is definitely a PLUS! Don’t you just love playing with scraps? They’re almost as bad as yarn.

Beautiful quilt Woodi, lots of work so understand why the knitting was put aside. I belong to a quilting forum called The Quilting Board, lots of lovely helpful people, just like on this forum. Keep up the great work

I love your striped artwork. You have a wonderful eye for placing the colors, for taking photographs and for juxtaposing the two. What a treat to see!

That quilt is just beautiful!!! :inlove: