I've been slacking

I haven’t posted a single FO on here so here it goes. Starting with my first FO’s I’d ever done (& looking back they’re just not that good…) Two hooded baby cardigans for a set of twins that were just born yesterday!!! This is the boy’s…


And this is the girl’s…

I also made a 3-corner hat w/tassels out of mohair & eyelash yarn for a little girl who’d just lost her mother. This did turn out a lot cuter in person - I couldn’t get a good pic of this to save my life.
…and the matching mitten (I’ve only done one so far)

I made a car-themed hat (another 3-corner one with pom-pons this time) for my nephew’s Christmas present

…and a neckwarmer for DHs cousin for her gift.

And finally I just finished a lazy daisy hat for a friend of mine’s daughter. She’s been asking me to make her DD a hat, so here it is.

(a shot of it standing up. The ribbed part is scrunched in a bit but is super stretchy so it won’t look like a mushroom on her head. :))

Almost all of these were started in November/December. I’ve been knitting like a crazy woman!!! :zombie:

cute stuff…i love the neckwarmer!

ooooh, everything looks really cute!! I love the “fraggle rock”-looking hat especially-very sweet!

That is a load of great knitting!

You sure have done a load of great work! I especially love all the hats, and the neck warmer.

Did I hear you say that your FO’s weren’t really good??? Are you kidding me?

Everything turned out really great! :cheering:

My favorite, though, is the three cornered eyelash hat. That is just adorable!

Thanks, everyone for the kind words. I’m off to start that other mitten now. :slight_smile:

Beautiful knitting, Newbie2. What a lucky brood of little ones! My heart goes out to the girl who lost her mother - she will treasure the hat and mitten(s) you are giving her.

Good job on everything. The neck warmer is my favorite!

WOW !! I love it all. I just adore the hat and matching gloves ,
Lovely work :slight_smile:

:teehee: I don’t think you have been slacking…you have been busy knitting… everything looks great :thumbsup:

im glad im not the only one who started singing the fraggle rock theme tune in her head:yay:

i can’t beleive you are a begginer knitter. they all look wonderfull. you have a lucky family to be getting these!:thumbsup:

great work!! I lvoe the neckwarmer!! my heart breaks for the little girl who lost her mother!! i love her hat as the other poster said it reminds me of fraggle rock!

they look great! I like 3-cornered hats…hmm…

Lovely work x