I've been knitting incorrectly for a year!

I think I posted last week about how I still found the garter stitch really awkward after a year of knitting. I had even checked on you tube how to do the knit stitch again and couldn’t see where I was going wrong.

It was only when I went to look up how to do a cable cast on that I realised I’'ve been winding my yarn clockwise instead of counter clockwise!!!

I feel so stupid that I’ll have to train myself all over again. I’m not sure how this has affected my knitting. I’ve only ever made toys so size was never really an issue! But I’ve been practising the new way and garter stitch definitely feels easier now!!

I’m sure you’re not the only person who knits that way and I’m sure the things you’ve knit before turned out very well. If winding the yarn ccw however, makes the garter stitch easier, then good for you for recognizing it. It’s really a lovely and useful stitch to do.

You are definitely not the only one to do this. That’s why having all these great videos here in KH and elsewhere help so much. :thumbsup:

Re: I’ve been winding my yarn clockwise instead of counter clockwise!!!

I believe wrapping counter-clockwise is often referred to as western style (popular in America/Europe), while wrapping clockwise is the eastern style (popular in Asia/Japan). No matter which way you wrap it is still a knit stitch.
And, btw wrapping one way on knits and the other way on purls is called combination style.

Wrapping the wrong way twists the stitch making it tighter. Unless its done for design purposes or untwisted on the other side (like combi ed knitting) it’s not common as far as I know.

I can’t believe how much neater the edges of my knitting are already : ) I’m assuming trying to pick up stitches and seaming will now be easier!

I bet! It’s true there is no one right way to knit but there are some standard things more or less taken for granted such as which way the yarn is wrapped to orient the stitches correctly for the style of knitting. Missing that early on is something you just weren’t aware of. I think the neater edges will make seaming and picking up stitches easier. Your gauge will probably be different too. Enjoy!

:yay: Your stitches will have a more even look as well and won’t look twisted. I’m happy you figured it out and won’t always wonder why your stitches look different or it seems harder than it should be. :thumbsup: