I've been doing it wrong for 55 years!

Just recently I was checking out videos on crocheting, and made the sickening discovery that I have been crocheting the wrong way.
When you learn to crochet, the hook is inserted from the front, and the yarn carried in back. I insert the hook from the back and carry the yarn in the front. Maybe it is not important, but it does make a difference, especially in single crochet. I’ve been working on correcting this, and it is not that difficult to transition from one to the other. Which enabled me to make a pair of mirror image mittens out of variegated yarn, One being made inside out, while the other is crocheted right side out. As long as the colors in the yarn matched and are running in the same sequence, it works. I don’t see much difference in the way the double crochet looks, but i am sure there are differences. Now I’m wondering if I taught my daughter the wrong way…

I’m not sure you should say you were doing it wrong all these years…you were just doing it differently! Did you like how all your crochet items turned out? If so, then there’s nothing wrong about that! There are so many different variations in both knitting and crochet in how different people hold their yarn, their hook, insert the hook, pick up the yarn and it just goes on and on! If the results are pleasing, then it’s all good! Just enjoy doing it, and sharing your skills!


That’s not wrong, you were just doing it ‘reversed’ and that’s why it looks like it should. No need to change what you’re doing, keep going.

If it’s not causing problems, don’t sweat it. If you want to change the way you crochet, terrific! It sounds like you’re doing that. Anyhow, if it works then it’s right and if you like the result, it’s right, do what you want. I think you’ve been crocheting long enough to choose how you do it and if someone says it’s wrong, tell them they aren’t the crochet police.

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