I've been away a little over 6 months

[color=darkblue]Hi everyone,
I don’t know if I’m the only COLD weather knitter but I started knitting in October and quit this spring. I am now starting to think about getting back into it. Is it just me that does this?
I haven’t posted here since Amy got her package of pillows and the afghan from us. I believe it was March 1st that I wrote in.
I’m thinking of making some of those pillows for myself. :slight_smile:
The posts in this heavenly place are tons and I’m sure I will be skimming over then again.


Hi! I was wondering where you disappeared to!! :waving: :waving: :muah:

Hi Susie, welcome back! :waving:

:waving: Hey! Welcome back :blooby:

LOL, cold weather knitter?! I don’t speak that language! I’m a “while my eyes are opened” knitter…and, I’ve been known to have needles in my hand while asleep when I’ve fallen asleep knitting :teehee:
:muah: Glad to see you back! :muah:

[color=blue]Hi Brenda, Ingrid, Sara, and Rebecca,
So I’m the ONLY one who quits knitting in nice weather?
I’ve got three part time jobs and I think I may have too many hobbies.
I quilt, make purses, embroider, knit, and watch my grandson some. :slight_smile:
I bought some SuperMerino yarn this morning on line. I guess I’m slowly getting back. LOL. I got it for half price. Yeha.
Thanks for the welcome back girls,

Susie!! :waving: Welcome back to the fold! :wink:

:blooby: Welcome back!!

[color=darkblue]Angelia and Dustina,
Thanks SO much for the welcome back.

Susie, I am more of a cold weather knitter myself too. I have a lot more projects going on in the cooler months than I do in the summer. I have a few things I have finished over the summer, but not too many. I am gradually knitting more and more as the cool fall weather hits. :slight_smile:

I change projects with the seasons. When it is warm here (which is about 8 months out of the year) I knit mostly socks and bags. When it gets cooler I switch over to hats, scarves, gloves and other warmer weather gear. I just love knitting that I can’t think of quitting. I just don’t want a heavy hot project puddled on my lap making me even warmer than the heat and hormones are! :roflhard:

[color=darkblue]Sara and Michelle,
I didn’t knit one stitch for 6 months and guess what. I went to start knitting day before yesterday and I completely forgot how to cast on. Geeeeeesh. I finally got on line and looked at the KnittingHelp videos and then remembered.
I had only been knitting about 6 months when I stopped. I have about 6 rows done for a pillow. :slight_smile:
I must be back into it as I ordered some Artyarns Super Merino and a few books.
Glad to hear at least a few slow down. I’m not all that weird then. LOL.
Susie where it is in the upper 30’s.

I think I may end up being the opposite…I just started knitting a couple of months ago, but I think the reason I knit so much is because it is soooo hot outside. I normally like to be outside. But the summer is rough with my fair complexion. So I may slow down on knitting when it gets cooler because I will want to be outside walking the dog, enjoying the cool, crisp air.

welcome back! :hug:

[color=darkblue]LouAnnie and Mulene,
Thanks for the welcome back.
LuAnnieI bet you end up knitting throug the year. It doesn’t take
too long to walk the dog. :slight_smile: