Itsybitsy help

I am knitting the Itsybitsy bag from Knitty and I have run into a problem with the way the pattern is worded. This is what the pattern says:
[B][U]Shape sides[/U][/B]
*Work 50 sts in Basketweave Pattern, w&t.
Work to end in patt.
Work across all sts in patt.
Repeat from * once more.
BO 171 sts, work in patt as set to end. 51 sts rem.

The part that I can’t figure out is the “work across all stitches in patt.” Do they just mean to purl my way across in the basketweave pattern and stop or should I also knit back to where I began? Since the basketweave pattern is a two row pattern I am unsure of this direction.

Phew! When they say piquant they mean it! I would ask this question in the Knitty forums but I can’t seem to get access :shrug: . Thanks for any help you can give me :muah: .

It looks like you’re doing a couple of short rows. 1st one work 50 stitches w&t and work the same 50 stitches in pattern back Next row you work all stitches in the row following the pattern. Then you do another short row w&t and knit back. Work across all stitches for final row and bind off required # of stitches and continue on.

[I]Work to end in patt.
Work across all sts in patt.

[/I]Continue using the basketweave pattern