It's wonderful to be semi old

I just got done buying my new glasses again. :shock: So as I am going to pay she asked me do I have an aarp card. Yup I sure do it ended up costing me a hundred dollars less. I don’t get much on them only what I need. Even so it can cost big time. I will have them in a week. Trying to find a pair of frames that won’t break out my chubby ok lets be real here my fat cheeks. So I am really happy about getting my new glasses. Oh to read and knit without straining anymore. :ick: Heaven is on the way.:roflhard::roflhard:


I am too an AARPer and have their life insurance. It doesn’t embarrass me to be over 50. Just last night my dh and I were watching a commercial and this lady in the background says something about not wanting to retire and be old or something like that. My husband, who has 7 more years until he can retire from the city and retired from the Navy in 1989 said, “Hey, I WANT to retire.” He has worked since he was 19 years old and he deserves to be able to not work anymore. He is one of the lucky ones because he has a pension from the Navy, will have a pension from the city and will be SS age when he retires. We find ourselves quit fortunate to know we will be able to change our current lifestyle very little when he retires. He just wants to stay home and veg and travel for awhile! :rofl:

I quit dying my hair about 18 months ago and let the white and silver show through. I don’t mind my wrinkles, my gray hair, the fact I can’t do what I did in my 30’s. I am grateful to be alive and to be able to now enjoy my grandsons.

What I find amusing is that the music of the 60’s is so popular it is used on commercials and everyone seems to be re recording it. How many groups and individuals that are in their 50’s and 60’s still perform to sold out crowds, Cher, Madonna, Elton John, Barry Manilow, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, Tom Jones and the list goes on and on. When the current singers (I use that term very loosely) get old I imagine they will no longer draw the crowds. So, with that being said, getting old is just fine with me!

I just hit the double nickel last month and I’m fine with it. I have more free time to spend with friends. We x-country ski, snowshoe, bike ride, hike, kayak, swim, horseback ride, and occasionally backpack into the mountains. I am stronger now than I was in my 30’s. I may have more aches and pains, but am enjoying my life tremendously. Life is just getting better for me.

I figured this was someone in their 70’s posting. grin My PARENTS are just beginning to admit they “may” be ageing a bit…at 87 and 91.

Sorry, Madonna won’t be 50 until later this year. She was born in 1958. :smiley: But dang, she looks good for almost 50!

It amazes me how easy life has become. I don’t worry about tomorrow as much, spend wonderful, relaxing time with my grown children, thoroughly enjoy just being with my granddaughter. Even hubby doesn’t get on my nerves as much and he’s really quite a guy! Heck, sometimes I actually feel like I’ve learned how to enjoy life by just involving myself in simple pleasures like walking, reading, visiting with friends. Funny how hurried I was to grow up only to find that singing to the cows was something I can now say was part of my wonderfully simple childhood.

That’s awesome it saved you so much money !! I just bought new glasses as well so I know the pain there.
I remember the first time someone offered my mother the senior discount or asked about aarp (she was about 54) and she was sooo offended that someone would think she looked “that old” that she told them NO she was only 39 and let them back pedal and apologize. She cried on her 21st birthday and does not easily admit to having grandchildren or children in their 30’s. I’d be willing to bet that she has claimed the grandkids as her own a couple of times :wink:

ok funny story, i was the first one in my family to get invited to join aarp-I was 17!!! lol

i got one invite, my mom and i said huh? and threw it away. we got a second one, same thing. by the third one my mom took the return postcard and wrote big with a sharpie “she was born on 3-15-1988, im not sure where you got your information from!!!”

lol, it was funny, we still joke about that one since i am the youngest in my family.

Princess, that is funny. Of course, the Army was trying to re-enlist my FIL (for his missle skills) until the day he died, at the age of 79.

I am so glad that I am retired! Not the way I would have chosen, because I really liked my job, but even being on disability has it’s pleasures. Took a walk with my grand daughter today, short, but pleasurable. Also, when my hands work, I have the time to knit. What could be better?

Oh is wonderful to be retired. The only time I cried on being old was turning 25 :ick: . Silly then and silly now that I think of it. It is funny that we don’t use our card we have had it now for awhile.
Yup stopped dying my own hair about 6 years ago and let it just be my own color, a dark brown. I have a streak of silver in my hair and I love it. It is nice to just do a little housework and then knit knit knit…:happydance:.

Oh I love it! All of you guys enjoying life! I am 33 and had trouble turning 27, and FLAT OUT LIED about my age, said I was 24, completely by accident one time! LOL!! But the rest have been just fine so far, and I have LOTS of grey and I’m just going to go with it. More $ to buy yarn with vs. dyeing it every few weeks!

Happy Life to you all!! :slight_smile:

:muah: My daughter had the same problem last birthday, “:waah: Mama, I’m 29 and that’s (:violin:) almost 30, how am I supposed to deal with it?” :yadda: :roll:

Poor child, this year she WILL be 30! I just smile and remind her that I’m 22 years older and still plugging along…“You’ll be okay”

That reminds me… At this age (51, soon to be 52), my friendships and relationships with my fellow sisters (both semi-old and younger) have become more precious and the “glue” that holds us together becomes stronger and more stable on a daily basis. So, Bethany, the door is and will always be open to you as you get closer to this age. :hug: Mary